WAAY 31: Dale Jackson Loves Parker Griffith?

Here ya go.

Griffith had no comment on the stunt.


Dale Jackson will be on vacation till January 11th….

Here’s the lineup from Dec. 24th-Jan. 8th

Dec 24 – Bill Bennett
Dec 25 – Bill Bennett
Dec 29 – Bill Johnson
Dec 30 – Bradley Byrne
Dec 31 – Mary Scott Hunter
Jan 1 – Bill Bennett

Jan 4 – Ed Henry
Jan 5 – Robert Bentley
Jan 6 – Conrad Thompson at 1st Family Mortgage
Jan 7 – Kay Ivey
Jan 8 – Roy Moore

Why [you] listen…

This morning we were discussing Parker Griffith kissing WHNT’s Jerry Hayes’ butt on the floor of the U.S. House.

I jokingly pointed out that he should of been talking about me because I am far more influential than Jerry Hayes is. (If you agree you can vote in our poll here)

I want to share an e-mail I got this morning, which made me feel good.

From: Peter
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 9:29 AM
To: dale@theattackmachine.com
Subject: Why we listen


You are obnoxious, you talk incessantly, and your voice is kinda nasaly (is that even a word?), but I listen to you every day. Why? Because you are the local gossip line for governmental injustice. I hear about CJ Grisham, the Huntsville Housing Authority, and Parker Griffith’s broken pledges on your show. No bid contracts, closed-meetings, and all of the other behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

(Note: I heard the original pledge back during the campaign, so the fact he won’t live up to his pledges when things get tough show me true fabric of his character. Thank you.)

You talk about the things that matter in my community and, in your own obnoxious way, you carve away the BS until the truth comes out. I know you think of yourself as an entertainer, but when it comes to “news that matters” locally, you are a tenacious little monster regarding the truth. The truth is something that can be kind of hard to come by these days and it is something that a LOT of your listeners value.

But the best thing about you Dale Jackson, is that you have struck fear into the hearts of some of the slimeballs. Before they make that back-room deal or lie into a microphone, the thought now goes through their head (those that actually have thoughts), is Dale going to call me on this? Congratulations and good job.

Just don’t forget that your power is your listeners. They are the ones that then call, write, or vote with their checkbooks. It isn’t so much that we like Dale Jackson, though we kinda do. It is that we know you are giving it to us as straight as you can, and when you mess it up, you just say so. We RESPECT and value that.

It’s a shame Huntsville, Madison, and other City and State representatives will not be as truthful and forthright.
I messed up, but I will fix it.
I was wrong before, but here is the truth as I know it today.
This is what I believe is right, even if you may not like it.

You know, all those things that define character. The only thing that makes me angrier than gov reps trying to hide their activities, is them lying about their activities. They should all know better. Speaking of which, you should have a new pledge for people campaigning on your show.

“I pledge not to lie to my constituents. I pledge not to try to hide my activities from the public. If I misspeak, make an error in judgement, or otherwise violate the first two pledges, I will correct myself without several weeks of denials and counter-accusations.” Just a thought.


Join Dale Jackson on Friday, December 11th at The Melting Pot in Bridge Street for the next WVNN Get Together.

The party gets started at 5PM and goes till 7PM. Come take part in some drink specials and giveaways.

Candidates for Congress Les Phillip and Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks will be joining us for fun, food and a great time with your fellow WVNN listeners and local decision makers

It’s a fun night with great food, a great atmosphere, and WVNN’s Dale Jackson at The Melting Pot at Bridge Street on Friday, December 11th from 5PM-7PM.

Dale Anthony: Talk show host…

I was the first person to start questioning State Senator Parker Griffith’s conservative credentials. I was also the first to get him on the record in regards to his choice for President (would not say) and whether he would support Nancy Pelosi (would not say).

So it came as no surprise that the Wayne Parker campaign started taking that battle to Griffith. Nor should it be a surprise that anyone wanting to help Wayne Parker win the AL-o5 election in November would choose that avenue also.

Who knew that they would use me to do it?

Today I had Sen. Griffith on my radio show… he also told me that he would not reveal his choice for President in ’08 because it is a ‘secret ballot.’ Seriously, that was his response. It is not like I asked the Secretary of State to reveal his vote or for him to let me go in the booth with him. He is staking this position out because he knows it will be hard to operate in DC if he is quoted in the press saying he supports John McCain and he knows he can’t get there by supporting Barack Obama.(WVNN Talk Show Host Dale Anthony’s Blog, 08/04/2008)

Who the hell is “Dale Anthony?”

Why didn’t they mention my blog as “The Attack Machine?”

Honestly, I am fine with doing the dirty work here, because I don’t say anything I don’t believe and hell I love attention (I am an egomaniac of the highest order). But come on folks lets get the names right, let’s cross all the Ts and dot all the Is.

Also since my blog has become a favorite in both DC and Montgomery let me make this clear.

Dale Anthony Jackson is for sale.

Honestly, if your going to use my ideas I might as well be on the payroll.


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