Madison County Democrat chairman has solved the Syrian refugee crisis… Stop driving.

National Democrats think climate change causes terrorism, so therefore we need to allow potential terrorists to enter our country. 

Inexplicably, Alabama Democrats might be even dumber. MadCo Dem chairman explains

The fear mongering of Gov. Bentley and others does nothing to keep Americans safe and distracts us from finding real solutions to the problems in the Middle East.

The reasons many of these terrorists give for their attacks is because they don’t want us in the Middle East. We are only in the Middle East because of their oil.
The oil economy is the fuel of the cult of Islamic terrorist movements. Without that fuel, they would cease to exist. Think about that every time you fill up your car with gas refined from Middle Eastern oil.

Let’s pretend this makes sense, does Chairman Tom Ryan drive?

There’s more…

Instead of making Alabamians fearful, Governor Bentley might choose to foster development of alternative energy resources and technologies produced by Alabama businesses which would bring good-paying jobs to the people of Alabama and which would free us from the tyranny of relying on Middle Eastern oil.

That would be a more constructive solution than the one he has proposed.

The people of Alabama aren’t being scared by Governor Bentley, he is responding to their desires. Democrats, especially Alabama Democrats, might be better served caring what Alabamians think, as opposed to lecturing them.

Now is not the time to raise the pay of Alabama’s government school workers

Although the bosses of Alabama government education want a pay raise for their school workers, it would be most imprudent to increase the pay of anyone in Alabama government until the problem of a dangerously underfunded pension program (see chart) has been fixed.

Our educrats are smart enough to know they have inflicted a Ponzi scheme upon their workers and should know better than to follow the example of Detroit where politicians and bureaucrats  kept digging the hole deeper and deeper until the system was bankrupt to the great loss of city workers and retirees.

Educrats are right to be concerned with teacher retention and recruitment (apparently this is not an issue with the half of the government schools’ workforce who are not teachers), but much of this problem can be mitigated by fixing the retirement system because anyone smart enough to be a teacher would be discouraged from a career in government education by a retirement program which is not likely to deliver as promised.

Recruitment and retention are also harmed by the unprofessional work environment in government schools. Because discipline is so bad in so many classrooms, many teachers flee as soon as they can and prospective teachers pursue careers in other fields. Fixing discipline should be the first priority, it’s good for teachers, it’s good for students.

Teachers are good people and educrats and politicians should free them from the Ponzi scheme on which their future depends.

al retirement system status 3-31-15

Now would be a good time to renounce your endorsement of Jeb Bush

Senator J.T. Waggoner

Senator Jimmy Holley

Senator Steve Livingston

Senator Gerald Dial

Congressman Mike Rogers

Alabama Board of Education Representative Mary Scott Hunter

Subject: Endorsements of Jeb Bush for president

Gentle Readers

Jeb Bush, the candidate you have endorsed for president of the United States, says he wants the USA to continue accepting Syrian refugees. This a dangerously stupid policy.

It’s dangerous because some of the refugees want to harm the USA and kill Americans.

It is stupid because the USA has a national debt of $19 trillion and cannot afford to transport, feed, clothe, house, and entertain destitute persons who will take jobs Americans need and who can be provided for more cheaply in or near their own countries.

Please renounce your endorsement of Jeb Bush for president. The sooner you do this the less likely it is that voters will associate you with his dangerously stupid policies.

Warm regards,

Taxpayer Tom, Madison, AL


Alabama media, past and present, can’t figure out why we don’t want Syrian refugees in the state….

Governor Bentley is right to say NO to refugees in Alabama.

Gov. Jindal and Gov. Snyder are right as well.

Some in the press, refuse to see this.

This level of disconnect is absurd, but it is very real. Bob Lowry was an extremely biased reporter for The Huntsville Times, now he is a bitter old man yelling at clouds.

Yes, we wouldn’t want to be mean to people who would slit his throat and who support ISIS in large numbers.

Lowry isn’t alone though, somehow Brian Lyman at The Montgomery Advertiser sees a problem with Governor Bentley decision and he thinks there is some comparison between Vietnamese refugees and Islamic terrorists.

I am unaware of attacks by these refugees on their host countries, I am however aware of an attack by Syrian refugees, you may have heard of it…

Let’s get real, folks.

Bentley says he isn’t having any of this “Syrian refugee” crap Alabama…

He’s not the only one who is t happy about this… 

Why are we just bombing these places now? We had to of known they existed before Paris…

Should be 2000 bombs. It’s time to kill the terrorist and those who allow their existence.

And to make matters worse, there is this kind of crap working its way through Democrat circles…

And lastly…

Let’s be clear: I messed up.

No excuse.

News of Gary Pinkel’s sudden retirement hit Twitter tonight. I made a messed up, flippant and wrong  comment.

It’s incorrect, I am 100% wrong.

No excuses. I’m wrong.

Go read my Twitter feed. Most say that I should be fired and maybe worse. All I know is I messed up and I am sorry.

I’ll apologize again. I shouldn’t have been flippant without the information. I was wrong. Some will say, “that’s not enough” and I will reply that I am still sorry for what I said. 


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