State Senator Paul Sanford endorses Congressman Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate…

United States Senate Endorsement
Huntsville, AL – Today a proven Conservative, Congressman Mo Brooks, has risen to the top of my list for Alabama’s open United States Senate seat. Mo has shown through strong stances in Congress to be a man willing to fight for the future of our country without compromising his staunch conservative beliefs.

I have known Mo for many years and he has always been willing to listen to and address any concerns I have expressed to him during his tenure in Congress. Mo not only votes his conscience, but he votes the will of our District, and I believe his positions and beliefs mirror the majority of Alabamians.

Alabama would again rise to the top by electing a strong conservative to the United States Senate.  As we approach the special election to fill the vacancy in the United States Senate, let’s make sure we elect the right person who believes in solving problems, getting the job done without gamesmanship, and being an elected official Alabama can be proud.  It is for these important reasons, I am voting for and endorsing Mo Brooks for the United States Senate.

The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for May 16th, 2017…


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  • 7:20 AM – State Senator Paul Sanford
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Strange looks to change the story…

Media widely ignores.

Another insurer bails on ObamaCare…


Supreme Court refuses to hear Voter ID law, but not for the reason you think…

This is a huge blow for voter integrity…

Democrats, civil rights groups and minority groups celebrated the demise of the law. It was one of numerous voting rights changes passed by Republican-led legislatures in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision striking down a key section of the Voting Rights Act that effectively removed federal oversight of states with a history of discrimination.

“This is a huge victory for voters and a massive blow to Republicans trying to restrict access to the ballot, especially in communities of color,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

Except, that is not what has happened…

As is its custom, the justices did not give a reason for declining to review the lower court’s decision. But in an accompanying statement, Roberts noted the particular circumstances of the appeal, in which the Republican legislative leadership attempted to continue the appeal and the Democratic governor and attorney general sought to abandon it.

“Given the blizzard of filings over who is and who is not authorized to seek review in this Court under North Carolina law, it is important to recall our frequent admonition that ‘[t]he denial of a writ of certiorari imports no expression of opinion upon the merits of the case,’ ” Roberts wrote.

The state was fighting over who could/could not fight for this law, that is all this was about.

Trump Administration: This story is false. Media: They didn’t deny it, also Trump is a 7-year-old…


Another day, another scandal….

Now, did this happen? Possibly. It’s scary that it might have and scarier that it is completely believable.

But H.R. McMasters has denied on the record…

Media is pretending he hasn’t.



Why, oh why, don’t people listen to the media?

I don’t know if the Washington Post story is accurate, but I do think it’s entirely plausible. Put aside whether the story is properly sourced and all that.

When you heard the news, did you think it could be true? If your answer is yes, think about that for a moment.

That right there is a problem.

No, I don’t think for a moment that Trump deliberately divulged to the Russians classified information at an event covered by Russian media (but not American media) the day after he fired the FBI director for not doing more to end the investigation of his campaign’s alleged involvement with the Russians. That’s “resistance” paranoia stuff.


You’d think that people would at least be somewhat chastened by this fact and take a wait and see, or even trust-but-verify, approach. In other words, I get why you don’t trust the Washington Post. I don’t get why you trust the Trump administration.

Russia denies as well…

Which, in the media’s eyes, proves the story is true or something…

“The main thing Luther Strange did to fight corruption in Montgomery is go to Washington D.C.” -Rep. Mike Ball

Oh boy, here we go.

Apparently, Luther Strange’s allies are going all in on Mo Brooks and pretending Luther took down all the corruption in Montgomery…

“While Luther Strange was cleaning up the corruption in Montgomery, Mo Brooks was living the life of a Washington insider, opposing Donald Trump and failing to get a single bill signed into law in four terms in the House. If Brooks can’t cut it in the House, how can he be trusted to deliver results in the U.S. Senate? It’s clear Mo Brooks is more interested in advancing his own career than he is with delivering for Alabama.” – Senate Leadership Fund Spokesman Chris Pack

That statement requires some… balls.


For instance: “Strange will investigate Bentley.”

This is particularly galling, considering that Strange never admitted to investigating Bentley for any such headline ever to have been written. In fact, while Strange was soliciting his appointment from the governor, he said it had been unfair for the press to say that any such investigation was taking place.

Unfair, in the sense, that the investigation was totally true and happening at the time Strange was soliciting an appointment from the man he was supposed to be investigating.


This ad seems to suggest that Strange had something to do with the trial and conviction of former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

There’s just one problem with that.

Because Strange had campaign business ties to Hubbard, he had to recuse himself from the case. An acting attorney general oversaw Hubbard’s prosecution and Deputy Attorney General Matt Hart prosecuted the case at trial.

By recusing, Strange was supposed to have nothing to do with it, and if he’s now saying that wasn’t the case, then maybe that’s the sort of issue Hubbard might find useful on appeal.


Bold move, especially when Mo Brooks has 4 press conferences to respond to this garbage today.

The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for May 15th, 2017…


  • 7:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
  • 7:20 AM – U.S. Senate announcement by Congressman Mo Brooks
  • 8:00 AM – Hate at 8!!
  • 8:20 AM – State Representative Mike Ball
  • 9:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
  • 9:55 AM – “What in the World?” with WAAY-31’s Meredith Wood

It’s time…

The media is still trying to sell this as a collusion issue…

Now Comey won’t brief anyone unless it is in public…

North Korea is iching for a confrontation….

Japan is on board with a more agressive U.S. stance…

Worldwide ransomware virus on the march…

Microsoft blames the NSA…

A 22-year-old may have slowed it down…


These kids should be flunked…

What is wrong with these people?

Two Congressmen attacked since Thursday but the media’s perpetual outrage machine is completely silent…


Do you remember this stuff?

GOP/Tea Party rhetoric was going to get someone hurt

Could Tea Party Rhetoric Lead to Another Oklahoma City?

They even tried to tie the shooting of Gabby Giffords to rhetoric on the right

Palin would no doubt say that she was only speaking in metaphor, that she only meant her followers should work to unseat Giffords and 19 other Democrats who had roused her ire by voting for health care.

But anyone with any sense at all knows that violent language can incite actual violence, that metaphor can incite murder. At the very least, Palin added to a climate of violence.

Palin should have taken it as a warning of what might happen when a Tea Party hothead dropped a gun while heckling Giffords at an earlier Congress On Your Corner event, more than a year ago.

That did not stop Palin from declaring Giffords a “target.” Giffords’ district office was subsequently vandalized, and the congresswoman noted that Palin had put “the cross hairs of a gun sight over our district.”

It was garbage, there is no evidence of a connection.

BUT since Thursday we have seen two attacks on Congressmen because of a vote in Congress…

Where are the lectures and concerned commentaries on cable news?

Oh, they are downplaying this stuff…

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow described the scene as, “This man showing his disgust with the Congressman’s support of tax cuts for the wealthy, one part of the GOP plan right now.”

These people are frauds.

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