The willful ignorance and lies of Selma…

Here is what I learned by watching the speeches in Selma this weekend: Nothing shows reverence for events and those that lived them like lying and ignorance.

Listen to the words and watch the issues.

“Hands up, don’t shoot!”?

“It was crazy,” said Arthur Oscar Jones, who said he was present on the bridge in 1965 and had been beaten by state troopers. “Most of these people have no idea why they’re marching. They’re here to have a celebration.”

That feeling was fairly evident, as was the fact that the event had been co-opted for a variety of causes — from the “Black Lives Matter” movement to “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” protesters to gay marriage supporters to immigration supporters to those who went with the buffet approach.

Terry Wright, from Birmingham, was part of the last group. Among the seven signs she carried and attempted to display simultaneously were complaints about high interest rates on payday loans, police brutality, the grocery tax and voter ID laws. Wright also repeated her protests again and again to the marchers walking by, many of whom shared their causes with her.

This was a lie that started the day Mike Brown got himself killed but that doesn’t matter.

Instead, the Department of Justice found that is – quote, ‘inconsistent with the physical and forensic evidence;’ and in some cases, ‘witnesses have acknowledged their initial accounts were untrue;’ or witness accounts were not credible – including the witness closest to Brown when it happened – Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, whose words helped spark the mantra.

Again, this is a lie.

ERIC HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL (from press conference): Now, I recognize that the – the findings in our report may leave some to wonder how the department’s findings can – can differ so sharply from some of the initial, widely-reported accounts of what transpired. America’s justice system has always rested on its ability to deliver impartial results in precisely these types of difficult circumstances.

Tony Robinson’s story is heading down the exact same path.

And then there is the reviled Voter ID stuff.

Right now, in 2015, fifty years after Selma, there are laws across this country designed to make it harder for people to vote. As we speak, more of such laws are being proposed. Meanwhile, the Voting Rights Act, the culmination of so much blood and sweat and tears, the product of so much sacrifice in the face of wanton violence, stands weakened, its future subject to partisan rancor.

Voter ID laws are hated by the media, race pimps and Democrats (but I repeat myself) because asking someone to show an ID is apparently a bridge to far and akin to Jim Crow.

Garbage, here is what Jim Crow was about….

Dr. Sonnie Hereford, who treated the wounded during the march, says he faced several problems trying to register to vote because no one told them where to go and register.

He also said blacks couldn’t register unless they had someone with them who was already a registered voter.

“[I] had to pay to take an oral test and a written test and then interpret the Constitution of the United States to the satisfaction of the examiner. Then after I had done all that and passed that, then I had to go to the courthouse and pay a poll tax.”

Dr. Hereford says he was finally allowed to vote during the 1956 elections.

Here are some Voter ID facts…

Most Americans support

The 70 percent who support voter ID laws remains largely unchanged in the past few years. Another 27 percent believe the laws are unnecessary.

Hell, even most blacks support…

Fifty-five percent of Democrats support the laws, while 43 percent oppose them.

Opposition to the laws is highest among black respondents, but even there a bare majority, 51 percent, support them. Forty-six percent of African Americans oppose the laws.

In Alabama, this is not a REAL issue

Pildes said that wasn’t necessarily true. He said the Justice Department had approved new districts with reduced minority populations when the new plan didn’t reduce the ability of minority groups to elect candidates of their choice. “Black turnout and black registration rates in Alabama now routinely equal or even exceed white registration and white turnout rates,” Pildes said.

Most telling about that last section is the fact that the quote is part of the Supreme Court argument that overturned the unConstitutional pre-clearance section of the Voting Rights Act

If Obama wanted to make a positive impact on the black community, he could have easily focused on that but he would rather keep the myth that modern America is as racist as Selma was 50 years ago.

ICYMI (I did): Governor backs down after trying to intimidate Sen. Bill Holtzclaw…

Governor and ALDOT have restarted road projects

Gov. Robert Bentley on Friday said nearly $100 million in Alabama Department of Transportation projects in Limestone and Madison counties, briefly canceled, will move forward.


On Friday, before outlining his tax proposals publicly for the first time, Bentley said the projects “at some point will be resumed.”

“But I want to say this: We have serious problems in this state and for a state senator to be critical … before he has even seen any of the solutions, is irresponsible.”

Cooper still needs to go…

ALDOT Director John Cooper on Thursday said he had called off planned road projects in state Sen. Bill Holtzclaw’s district. Earlier in the week, Holtzclaw put up a billboard in his district that read, “Governor Bentley wants to raise your taxes. I will not let that happen.”

Speaker Hubbard’s legal team releases a statement, he will not be stepping down…

This statement was included in an e-mail to legislators today:

Statement of Hubbard Legal Team

Mike Hubbard is committed to carrying out the job his constituents and his fellow lawmakers elected him to do. That hasn’t changed.

The documents publicly released last week weren’t intended to shed light on the accusations against Mike. They were a shameful, calculated attempt to muddy the waters, mislead the public and undermine Mike just days before the start of the legislative session.

The clear objective of the latest filing by the State was to discredit Mike through the improper disclosure of personal, private information that has no bearing on the case. Unfortunately, it comes at the hands of a prosecutor who has been reprimanded in the past for similar filings.

This prosecutorial behavior reflects a pattern of repeated questionable conduct that should have no place in our system of justice or in determining our state’s legislative leaders. The issues at stake here are much bigger than Mike Hubbard. The issues in his case impact every citizen and every legislator in our great state. No citizen of Alabama can ever be safe:

• If, when confronted with personal issues, that citizen is not permitted to seek the guidance and wisdom of lifelong friends and people in his most trusted inner circle.
• If our citizen legislators cannot own or operate a business or profession without breaking the law.
• If stakeholders in Alabama such as businesses, teachers, farmers, foresters, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, trial lawyers, roofers, or other groups are denied their right to participate in government.
• If someone who has not been elected or selected pursuant to the laws of Alabama is given unlimited power and money to conduct an abusive inquisition for over two years and invade a person’s privacy rights to family, friends, faith, and work.
• If the Attorney General refuses to acknowledge that our legislature is a citizen legislature comprised of the working people of our state who represent all of us and all walks of life and, as a consequence, must work for a living while serving in our state legislature.

To be clear, Mike is not intimidated, and he won’t be bullied. He intends to fulfill his commitment to represent the people of Lee County and to move the state of Alabama forward. As his lawyers, we are committed, at the appropriate time and forum, to telling the unvarnished truth.

Anonymous e-mailer claiming to be an Alabama legislator is suggesting this week will be interesting…

I’m not buying it.

Am I scared to speak out?  Yes.  But not because I’m afraid the Speaker will be upset with me.  I saw what Gov. Bentley did to Bill Holtzclaw last week.  The last thing I need is the Speaker I met in those emails coming after my district like Bentley did to Bill. 

I don’t know if you guys saw where today called on Speaker Hubbard to resign, but here’s a link if you haven’t:

Folks, we’ve got to do something.  My feelings about our problem have gone from mildly annoyed to irritated to embarrassed to now feeling somewhat complicit.  I don’t know how else to put it.  

I didn’t sign up for this, and I’m tired of it.  

I’ve been a big supporter of the Speaker from the beginning.  I didn’t think I would ever see Alabama in GOP hands and I credit much of the work of getting a pro-business legislature in place to the Speaker.

But I can’t keep this up.  My district didn’t send me down here to prop up the Speaker in the face of embarrassing revelations like we’re seeing now.

My God, can you imagine what a circus this trial is going to be?  Am I supposed to look my children and wife in the face and tell them I think this is somehow ok?  What about the folks back home that trust me?  What about my preacher?

If those emails are correct, and I don’t believe the prosecution just invented them, then the Speaker looked me in the eye and flat out lied to my face.   I’m guessing he lied straight to your face as well. 

You guys do what you want, but one day we have to stand before God and the folks back home and explain how our inaction in the face of all this was really an endorsement of this behavior.  

I’m on the record voting for him, and so are 98 of you!  God help us all.  

if this was a real legoslator, what does this do?


If this “legislator” feels this way, why not speak out?

This isn’t real.

I’ll end this with two tweets I sent earlier this week…

On anonymity:

On the revelations found in Speaker Hubbard’s correspondence:

Is Governor Bentley using the AL DOT to punish State Senator Bill Holtzclaw?

The threat?

Murphy then turned his attention to the governor’s controversial threats to withhold infrastructure funding from Districts whose legislators do not support his tax proposal. Waggoner confirmed that many of the house members he’d spoken to said they felt threatened, but added that the governor had not tried that tactic with the senate.

“The governor actually threatened house members to vote for his tax proposal and he took credit for getting many of them elected, you know, ‘I got y’all elected so y’all owe me,’” Waggoner explained. “That was the perception of the house members I talked to… That he would pull any project — road project, or any other kind of project — from their District if he did not get their support. That’s highly unusual.”

“The question is, will it be effective?” Murphy asked.

“Uh, no. It will not,” Waggoner answered flatly. “That I can assure you.”

This text?
FullSizeRenderHis billboard is here…

Is this really the punishment a lawmaker will receive for not raising taxes?

Will this be effective?

Gay man driven to drug use after only two weeks of marriage…

Maybe the gays were better off not being able to get married?

Milton Persinger, who married Robert Povilat on Feb. 12 making them the first same-sex couple to marry in Mobile, was arrested and booked into the Baldwin County corrections facility Monday night.

According to jail records, Persinger faces a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor charge of second degree possession of marijuana.

“It was a traffic violation stop and drugs were discovered. The case is an ongoing investigation,” said Alabama Law Enforcement Agency spokesman Jamie Maloy.


Seriously, why the hell is this news?

Sen. Bill Holtzclaw takes a bold stance against Gov. Bentley’s tax proposals…

This billboard is up today in North Alabama…IMG_0452


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