Chief Justice Roy Moore is not worried about losing his seat on the Alabama Supreme Court…

ATTENTION ALABAMA’S GAYS: You don’t need no stinkin’ judges….

Many judges won’t let gay folks get married.

Tough on those judges, the gays don’t need them.

Is common-law marriage recognized in Alabama? If so, what is sufficient to constitute a common-law marriage in Alabama?

Yes.  “A valid common-law marriage exists in Alabama when there is capacity to enter into a marriage, present agreement of consent to be husband and wife, public recognition of the existence of the marriage, and consummation.”  Waller v. Waller, 567 So.2d 869 (Ala.Civ.App. 1990). See also, Hudson v. Hudson, 404 So.2d 82
(Ala.Civ.App. 1981), and Attorney General’s Opinion 1992-041.

Wikipedia ads:


A valid common law marriage exists when there is capacity to enter into a marriage, the man and woman must be at least 16 with legal parental consent and present agreement or consent to be husband and wife, public recognition of the existence of the marriage after 181 days, and consummation.[11]

Apparently it must last 181 days…

Alabama is a common-law state.

Is Alabama a common law state or a community property state?

Alabama is a common law state.

What does that mean?

A common-law marriage is recognized for federal tax purposes if it is recognized by the state where the taxpayers currently live, or in the state where the common-law marriage began. If the marriage is recognized under the law and customs of the state in which the marriage takes place (even if the state is a foreign country), the marriage is valid (Rev. Rul. 58-66). Practitioners should be alert to the specific state requirements necessary for their clients contemplating filing joint returns under common-law marriage statutes.

So there is that?

Is Kyle Whitmire gay? What about John Archibald? Chuck Dean? Any of’s army of gay marriage reporters?

This is a legit question now?


Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has ordered probate judges throughout the state to deny same-sex couples marriage licenses despite a federal court’s decision.

So, there’s only one question left.


Is he a gay?

I’m sorry, but think about it. No really. At least Google it. How many politicians who have stomped their feet over this issue turned out to be … sexually bipartisan? There have been many.

What’s one Moore?

That’s right you can’t oppose gay marriage (which I don’t) without being gay.

Brilliant logic.

Let’s flip it on it’s head: has brought us story after story, covering ever possible angle, on the issue of gay marriage.

Do they have a rooting interest?

So every gay marriage story I see at today will be followed by this tweet.

Are they GAY!?!?!?!?

Will they answer? Nope. Because the question is completely inappropriate.

There has got to be one adult at, where are they?

Get off your high-horse, America! It’s not like a large portion of Muslims are seeking Sharia Law… Oops.

This is terrifying.


Where did Obama learn his moral equivalency garbage?

Won’t dare criticize radical Islam as it should be BUT he will go to a prayer breakfast and scold Christians and Americans about being on their “high horse”

Hmmmm… Where did he get that stuff from?

Keep in mind, this was on 9/16/2001.

This is why FEMALES make 77% of what men make…

Dumb things like this: The Problem With Calling Women ‘Females’:

No one is suggesting that calling women “females” is directly behind rape on college campuses and affordable access to birth control on Womanhood’s List of Very Important Priorities. It is a simple and relatively contained issue—and the staunch resistance to such a simple issue is extremely telling.

Of course, I am just kidding, no one really believes FEMALES only make 77% of what men make for the same work.

Simple Fact Check: Illegals are showing up in America/Alabama without vaccinations and are admitted to schools…

Facts are annoying.

Being outraged is fun.

It’s as if the press hears something “politically incorrect” and decides that’s news instead of investigating the facts.

The outrage:

No one could ever call Rep. Mo Brooks shy.

On Monday, the Alabama Congressman who once said Democrats were waging “a war on whites” took aim at another group for a current measles outbreak that stricken as many as 100 children in 14 states. This time, Brooks’ target – as he said it – were “illegal aliens.”

Speaking on the Matt Murphy radio show Tuesday morning, Brooks, R-Huntsville was asked if he saw any connection between the measles outbreak and the recent influx of immigrants into the U.S. Brooks said it is possible that “illegal aliens” could bring a host of new diseases into the country.

The facts:

They show up without vaccinations and are admitted to class.

Again, Mo was right and the media was wrong.

The end.


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