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The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

1. Former FBI Director James Comey’s ABC interview doesn’t disappoint, everyone agrees they win

— One of Comey’s most quotable lines was about whether the president of the United States is unfit to hold the job, saying “I don’t think he’s medically unfit to be president. I think he’s morally unfit to be president.”

— In speaking about Clinton, but it could have been Trump talking about Mueller, Comey says “if you’ve been investigating something for almost a year and you don’t have a general sense of where it’s likely to end up, you should be fired because you’re incompetent.”

2. President Trump’s attack on Syria, for using chemical weapons, angers everyone

— The president’s base is upset that he is continuing interventionist policies, some Republicans are mad he didn’t seek Congressional approval.

— The left is not happy because they believe the president is trying to distract from the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling.

3. The Ten Commandments are back as an issue in the Republican primary for governor, for no reason

— Candidate for Governor Bill Hightower was asked how he feels about a Constitutional amendment that would allow public buildings to post the Ten Commandments. He stated the legislation has “no teeth” because the state can’t defend the statue with public funds.

— Former strategist for Roy Moore, Dean Young, who led Moore to his loss to Democrat Doug Jones in 2017, slammed Hightower for not being “enthusiastic” enough about the amendment. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and Evangelist Scott Dawson support the amendment.

4. Starbucks arrest causes another racial outrage; police chief defends officers

— Philadelphia police officers arrested two men after receiving a trespassing call from Starbucks where the men were asked to leave and refused.

— Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said his officers “did absolutely nothing wrong” and pointed out that the men were asked by officers to leave, but refused and ended up being detained.

5. Women’s March endorses 5 days before they plead guilty to human trafficking charges

— The CEO of Backpage pled guilty to human trafficking and money laundering charges related to his operation of a website that was known to be used by prostitutes.

— The Women’s March Twitter account showed their support for Backpage earlier in the week by tweeting, “The shutting down of #Backpage is an absolute crisis for sex workers who rely on the site to safely get in touch with clients. Sex workers rights are women’s rights.”

6. Alabama’s ban on local minimum wage hikes will be challenged in court

— Attorneys have alleged a 2016 law banning cities from raising their minimum wage is racially discriminatory.

— The lawsuit claims that it takes “power” from majority-black Birmingham voters and gives it to the majority-white state electorate, a claim already knocked down by one court.

7. 92-year-old former First Lady Barbara Bush is near death

— The Bush family announced that the former First Lady will not be accepting any additional medical treatment and will now focus on comfort.

— Barbara Bush and former President Bush recently celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary.

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The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

1. FBI agents have raided the office of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney

— Michael Cohen offices was raided Monday afternoon, agents seized emails, tax documents, and records related his payment to Stormy Daniels which indicates this is a campaign finance issue.

— An important point in all of this is that this involves, “Issues separate from the Russia investigation.”

2. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley calls out Syria AND the United Nations

— Haley stated that the position of the United States is clear, Russia’s hands “are all covered in the blood of Syrian children”, Russia has warned there will be “grave repercussions” if the U.S. acts alone,

— Trump has multiple options: limited strikes, strikes trying attempting to take out the Syrian regime, attacks on Syria/Iran/Russian assets, or nothing.

3. Alabama’s football coach handled players concerns before today’s trip to the White House

— Multiple sports teams have balked at visiting the Trump White House, but Nick Saban was not going to let this become an issue for Alabama’s football team.

— An Alabama lineman relayed Saban’s words to, “Hey, we’re doing this regardless of your political thoughts. We’re going, just to celebrate this team. It’s an honor. And just to be able to say that you’ve gone to the White House is something that you can cherish forever”

4. Israel has a friend in Auburn’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl

— On college campuses, and newsrooms around the country, Israel is maligned as a bad actor, an aggressive presence in the Middle East, and not an ally of the United States.

— Auburn’s head coach isn’t buying it, he tweeted that America would not tolerate the behavior of Israel’s enemies, “If a foreign country threatened to destroy Boston Massachusetts, where I grew up or Auburn Alabama, where I live now, within the next 25 yrs, how should our country react? Really?”

5. Alabama’s tax burden is the 8th lowest in the country

— WalletHub compared the 50 states based on the three components of state tax burden vs. personal income — property taxes, individual income taxes, and sales and excise taxes.

— Alabama is the place to be for lower taxes, the state is 43rd in overall tax burden at 7.24% but its highest category was total sales tax at 3.97%.

6. Facebook’s CEO goes to Washington wearing a tie, he apologized. no one will accept it, and they will crush him

— Zuckerberg’s apology was wide-ranging, “That goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy”.

— Zuckerberg’s issue aren’t only coming from D.C., his employees are quitting and asking to be reassigned.

7. London’s mayor is working to ban knives, although it sounds like it, this is not a joke

— Mayor Sadiq Kahn has implemented stop-and-frisk policies with 300 additional officers in high-crime neighborhoods to search for knives.

— The mayor also banned home deliveries of knives and acid because Londoners are using them to attack each other, London also is seeing a higher murder rate than New York for the the first time ever.

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Who knew they got all the weapons out of Syria?

Thanks, Obama.

The Women’s March loves women who have sex for money and those who profit from it.

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Hate at 8!!

Why did Governor Ivey appoint a Democrat to the Madison County Commission? by Taxpayer Tom Scovill

The death of Democrat Commissioner Bob Harrison on October 25, 2017 created a vacancy in District 6 of the Madison County Commission. His demise came less than one year after he was reelected to a four-year term in November 2016. This was a sad note just as primary election campaigns were picking up speed with the start of the January 9 to February 8 primary qualification period looming just 75 days ahead.

The governor of Alabama has the authority and responsibility to fill county commission vacancies, a responsibility Governor Ivey met after 135 days on March 9 by appointing JesHenry Malone, a captain in the city of Huntsville Police Department. Malone is also a Democrat. He voted in the 2017 special Democrat primary for the US Senate and he says he was mentored by Democrat Commissioner Harrison.

Upon the announcement of the appointment, Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong said, “I commend Governor Ivey for her thorough process in seeking the most qualified person to serve the Madison County Commission.”

I say the selection process was not thorough at all and I find the appointment troubling.

Captain Malone is in bankruptcy and has over $6,100 in tax liens from the Alabama Department of Revenue. His financial crisis is an incentive for corruption (as shown, for example, by the recent conviction of Republican House majority leader Micky Hammon). Captain Malone is more risk than voters should have to accept.

Captain Malone is keeping his job in the Huntsville police department. The police power of government should be subordinate to those in elective executive and legislative office. Placing police in elective office is a recipe for trouble and smacks of banana republicanism. And although we elect sheriffs, our sheriffs are largely subordinate to county commissions because they do not make law and they do not enact budgets.

Captain Malone has a conflict between his role as a senior employee of the city of Huntsville and his role as a county commissioner. The interests of these two distinct jurisdictions are not congruent and are often at odds as the recent flap between the city and the county over a costly jail illustrates.

Captain Malone now has two well-compensated jobs to keep him busy and we cannot expect him to do both as well as the people deserve.

Captain Malone received a scholarship from the Huntsville Committee of 100 in 2013, a thing of value from an organization which employs a lobbyist, a likely ethics violation (Alabama Code 36-25-5.1).

Governor Ivey has stomped on the voting rights of the citizens of the County Commission District 6 by waiting overlong to fill the vacancy. The most likely explanation for the delay is that Captain Malone needed time to establish the required one-year residency. Had she acted within 75 days before the filing period for the primary opened, the position would have been on the November 2018 ballot and voters would have had the deserved opportunity of deciding who would fill the last two years of the late incumbent’s unfinished term. District 6 voters demonstrated how they value voting opportunities when in 2016 when they unseated a city councilman and city school board president.

Governor Ivey has disrespected District 6 Republicans by not selecting one of the qualified Republicans who applied for the appointment. That this district tends to vote Democrat is no excuse. The vacancy was an opportunity for Governor Ivey to put a well qualified Republican before the voters to  demonstrate good governance. Instead, she has assured a Democrat of a three year term and the advantage of long incumbency in the next election.

Governor Ivey is a disloyal Republican. Gubernatorial appointments are essentially elections with the franchise limited to one person, the governor. Governor Ivey’s unprecedented appointment of a Democrat to an elective office is an affront to the Alabama Republican Party and its standing rule which lists support of a candidate of another party as one of the bases for denying ballot access. Because the best politics is good governance and the best governance is based on Republican principles, members of the Republican Party cooperate to win elections to control government and enact an agenda based on Republican principles. Appointing Democrats to fill vacancies in elective offices is an act of disloyalty and destructive to the purpose of the Republican Party.

As a point of honor, JesHenry Malone should resign his seat on the Madison County Commission.

And in our June primary, Republican voters should reject Kay Ivey’s quest for governor.

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The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

1. Fixes to the Alabama’s ethics laws would require a special session, a Democrat candidate for Governor wants to see one

— As part of the conclusion of the state’s Bentley/Mason grand jury, there were multiple suggestions made for improvements to Alabama’s ethics laws which would require a special sessions.

— Speaking to Guerrilla Politics, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox stated he would support a special session on ethics but does not expect Governor Kay Ivey to call one.

2. Governor Kay Ivey officially bails on scheduled Birmingham debates

— After a few days of speculation, and nothing but bad press, the Governor’s spokespeople wrote in an email that Ivey has official engagements on the dates of scheduled debates, they did not answer questions about future debates.

— Evangalist Scott Dawson has stated that Ivey was never elected to the position and should explain to the people her vision, Mayor Tommy Battle took to Facebook to point out that Ivey has been politician for 36 years, a Democrat, and that she sent a telegram to an opponent who wouldn’t debate.

3. President Trump says he knows nothing about the payment to Stormy Daniels by his attorney

— Trump denied Thursday that he knew about his lawyer’s $130,000 payment 11 days before the 2016 election.

— Daniels’ attorney continues to try and keep story in the news, this  include the President’s penis and calling CBS a “conservative” channel

4. Oregon’s Governor will not send National Guard troops to the border, will become a punching bag for Trump

— The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to use 2,000 to 4,000 National Guard soldiers to bolster the nation’s border patrol.

— Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she would not send her National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, “If @realDonaldTrump asks me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I’ll say no,” Brown tweeted.

5. National Democrats see Congresswoman Martha as vulnerable after Sen. Doug Jones’ improbable win

— Democrats are looking for vulnerable Republicans and they think they have one in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, if she survives her 4 person primary that includes a former Congressman.

— DCCC spokesperson said, We think that Doug Jones’ win coupled with Congresswomen Roby’s poor performance in the 2016 election could create room for a Democrat to win this seat, while still understanding the path is not easy.’’

6. Democrats in Alabama will campaign against allowing teachers to carry, former Tuscaloosa mayor calls it “idiotic”

— Maddox told a group of Democratic women, “Arming teachers may be the most idiotic idea that I’ve heard in the legislature since, well, since they didn’t expand Medicaid.”

— 58% of parents support allowing teachers to carry, 68% of Republicans support it, and this is Alabama.

7. Facebook could use this latest controversy to actually make money

— Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg says users would have to pay to opt out of all data-targeted ads.

— Users’ data is used by Facebook to deliver ads to individual users.

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She’s not a conservative….

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The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today


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The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

Hate at 8!!

Stormy doesn’t move the needle…

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