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Compromise coming?

The media is out of touch and destroying the country.

Trump was right, they are the enemy.

Also, Sessions tells illegals to stay out…


Can someone explain to me how exactly the Alabama Legislature justifies this autism bill?

No one is going to fight this. No one. If they do, they will become the enemy of autistic children.

This bill will pass, but let me play devil’s advocate….

Isn’t this just ObamaCare for Alabama?

I get that this is popular but how is this any different than forcing all people to carry maternity coverage?

OK, this is how it went down…

Right now, Hall pays fifteen $1,500 monthly for her son’s therapy. She hopes the bill will help her reduce costs.

The bill has heavy opposition from the insurance industry. Blue Cross Blue Shield opposes it.

Representative Jim Patterson is the sponsor. He was visibly emotional after the bill passed.

“I didn’t want this bill,” Patterson told reporters as his eyes watered. “I was going to come down here and say no.”

Patterson said a higher power told him to do the right thing.

“I don’t think I was sent down here to the easy things.,” said Patterson. “This is for kids upstairs. It is not my bill. I had the honor to carry it and it’s the right thing to do.”

How do you vote against this? You can’t or you are voting against kids with autism.

But, like ObamaCare, this isn’t free…

Even though the bill passed the House unanimously, there are concerns about how it will impact the cost of Medicaid and the cost of insurance for state employees.

Sen. Jabo Waggoner (R- Vestavia Hills) tells ABC 33/40 it faces a more challenging time in the Senate.

Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Chairman Slade Blackwell told ABC 33/40 it will get a fair hearing and a vote if it makes it to his committee.

Some groups are against this proposal, including the Business Council of Alabama and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

A representative for Blue Cross and Blue Shield sent ABC 33/40 the following statement, noting it would cost $48 million annually for employers.

Blah blah blah… there will be no penalty for voting for this at the ballot box but that doesn’t make it a good bill.

It is interesting to see Alabama lawmakers make the same argument Bernie Sanders makes for single-payer.

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654 x 374 (2)

Sessions hates Hawaii!? Why are we forgetting Obama dressed-down the SCOTUS at a SOTU?

Jeff Sessions hates Hawaii! .

Hawaii fires back…

Why are we pretending no one has ever been critical of judges before Trump came on the scene?


40% of Americans won’t give Trump a chance and about 20% of those work in the media…

These numbers show that we are a divided country and that will probably never change…

But why are the “I won’t give him a chance” numbers so high? Non-stop demonazation from the press…

These numbers are irrefutable and the folks in the elite media bubble DO NOT CARE.

Even those inside will accidentally admit it

“President Obama was not friendly to the press, but the press was very friendly to President Obama,” Tapper says. “I mean, President Obama did not like me, and I understand why. I was a pain in his ass and I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid, and, you know, a lot of other people did.”

There were no righteous RTs back then. No loving memes. There were eye rolls, the word “blowhard” attached to his name. So, yes, it’s nice when the thanks come—but the same brain holding Trump’s receipts can’t forget the ones he’s got on us, too. He’s aware that many who love him today used to criticize or, worse, ignore him. And maybe that’s what’s bothering him now—how fair-weathered we are. He’s been doing this all along, but now that we have a president who is polling astoundingly low, we suddenly approve?

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Madison County Sheriff is 100% wrong…

They are

Let’s talk about Bill O’Reilly…

Don’t trust the media…

“Ban the Box?”

Let’s be clear, this isn’t about a fair chance, it is about allowing employers to know what is happening with their perspective employers.

I asked this question, I will get no answer…

Wow, what a massive media failure…

The Senate field is about to get a lot more crowded…

Here is who is in so far…

Jeff Sessions is killing it…

A check on spending?


Oh no!

Let’s not pretend that this Bill O’Reilly stuff is about the women, it’s about competitors and politics….

Before I start, let me say this: Bill O’Reilly probably did all the things he is accused of doing. Fox News did not fire a cash-cow for no reason. He got what he deserved.



Now let’s talk about the media feeding-frenzy over this. It is a complete fraud, they are framing it as a defense of all women, everywhere.

They are full of crap, there are two factors at play here.

1. Competition.

Bill O’Reilly kills everyone in cable news and removing him from the playing field is good for CNN and MSNBC. Tarring all of Fox News as a hostile place for women is good for CNN and MSNBC. They can barely hide their glee as the report this.

2. Politics.

Donald Trump’s connection to Bill O’Reilly are well known, Trump even defended O’Reilly to the New York Times, for no reason.

O’Reilly and Fox News are the home of Conservative voices and any ability to attack them on those grounds will be used.

Here is what it is not about.


A majority of the media does not give a crap about women who accuse powerful men of sexual harrassment unless there is some other angle they can exploit.

If you don’t believe this, explain to me how Bill Clinton was constantly touted as a strong surrogate for Hillary Clinton and how the DNC was not annihilated for bringing him on stage on the DNC?

It’s not the same?


Look at Bill Clinton’s body of work…

Lewinsky affair

Monica Lewinsky — The White House intern’s affair during Clinton’s first term in the President’s private rooms in the West Wing is the most famous Clinton sex scandal of all, and eventually leading to Clinton’s impeachment by the House. He was acquitted by the Senate. Clinton has admitted the relationship, telling the nation in a televised address that, “Indeed I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate.”

Allegations of non-consensual encounters

Juanita Broaddrick — The Arkansas nursing home administrator alleged in a 1999 Dateline NBC interview that Clinton had raped her in 1978, when she visited Little Rock for a nursing home seminar. The White House denied the allegations in 1999.
Paula Jones — Jones has said that in 1991, Clinton propositioned her for sex and exposed himself when she was escorted to his room at a Little Rock hotel. She filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton in 1994 — two days before a three-year statute of limitations would have expired. Clinton agreed to a settlement in 1998 and paid Jones and her attorneys $850,000. And it was during that case that he initially denied having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
Kathleen Willey — The Democratic activist and White House volunteer said that in 1993, Bill Clinton grabbed and kissed her in the Oval Office’s private study. Heckled over the accusation at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Sunday by a GOP state representative, Hillary Clinton emphatically declined to comment.
“You are very rude, and I’m not ever going to call on you,” Clinton said forcefully, looking directly at the woman. “Thank you.”

Allegations of affairs

Gennifer Flowers — During Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, Flowers said she’d had a 12-year sexual relationship with Clinton — reversing course from her earlier denial of such a relationship. In 1998, while under oath, Clinton admitted to a sexual encounter with Flowers.
Dolly Kyle Browning — Clinton’s high school friend said in a sworn declaration in 1998 that the two had off-and-on sexual encounters from the mid-1970s through January 1992. Clinton has not publicly responded to the allegation.
Elizabeth Ward Gracen — The woman who won the Miss America crown at the age of 21 in 1982 reversed her six-year-old denial in 1998 and said she’d had a one-night stand with Clinton in 1982. Clinton has denied the accusations.
Sally Perdue — The 1958 Miss Arkansas said in 1994 that she’d had an affair with Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas in 1983. She said she was told not to reveal the affair by a Democratic staffer in 1992 who she said warned “they knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs.” Clinton also has not publicly responded to the allegation.

Is that worse than O’Reilly’s? Are we not to believe those women? Do his settlements not matter?

These people are frauds, thhey advocate for women when it benefits them and look the other way when it benefits their friends.

The media is biased and this is just another case of that.

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