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  • 8:00 AM – Hate at 8!!
  • 9:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
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The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

7. Pro-life group pounds Democrat candidate for Governor Walt Maddox on “disingenuous” position on abortion vote

— Alliance for a Pro-Life Alabama alleges that Maddox is attempting to do what most pro-life Democrats in Alabama do, mislead the public.

— Maddox’s interpretation of the law is incorrect, the Fair Ballot Commission’s opinion, which is available at the Secretary of State’s website states, “The proposed amendment does not identify any specific actions or activities as unlawful. It expresses a public policy that supports broad protections for the rights of unborn children as long as the protections are lawful.”

6. Mayor Maddox shared an Associated Press story declaring, “Alabamians deserve a debate.”, the linked story explained why it isn’t happening

— As if he hasn’t been told enough times he isn’t getting his debate, the resoning all recent Governors who did not choose to debate were made clear, they were blowing out their opponents.

— All polls indicate Maddox is being wrecked, so his campaign wants 4 hours of free statewide TV, seems unlikely that he will get it as the League of Women Voters have canceled their event.

5. Mallory Hagan doesn’t want to be a New Yorker anymore because she wants to be a Congresswoman from Alabama

— After reports surfaced of her attempts to ingratiate herself to New Yorkers after leaving the state because she “didn’t like the culture”, she is now attempting to explain she totally loves Alabama.

— Even her defense of her comments is actually another attack on the state, this time she uses Alabama’s college students as a vehicle stating, “What is there to stay for? And many say that if there was something to stay for, the culture in this state leaves much to be desired.”

4. Tariffs have cost Ford $1 billion dollars

— President Donald Trump believes that “trade wars are good and easy to win“, but they also are very costly for auto manufacturers, even those who rely on U.S. steel.

— Ford’s CEO said the tariffs on foreign steel makers has led to U.S. steelmakers raising their prices, the end result of this will cause damage to the bottom line and end up raising the possibility of price increases which consumers will end up paying for.

3. Trump spars with the media, calls these allegations a “big, fat con job

— The allegations that have complicated the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh were clearly weighing heavily on the mind of reporters ad the President when asked about the allegations Trump dismissed them but did not call the women “liars” like the press wanted.

— Trump continued saying the allegations were all false to him, he added he would be watching the hearing tomorrow and could yank the nomination, “If I thought he was guilty of something like this.”

2. Alabama’s cowardly caretaker junior senator Doug Jones is exposed as a “NO” on Judge Brett Kavanaugh

— All the consternation and public wrangling from Senator Doug Jones was a show for the people, the Senator has already made up his mind, and Democrats have him “firmly in the ‘no’ column,” according to a report from Politico.

— Further highlighting that Jones is more interested in Schumer’s approval than that of the state of Alabama, Politico adds that Jones and Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) are in their camp and “Democratic leaders are not concerned that either will vote for Kavanaugh, according to aides.”

1. As the Kavanaugh hearings couldn’t get any dumber, in walks Michael Avenatti, an anonymous letter, and a guy lying about rape on a boat in Rhode Island

— The accuser alleges, she repeatedly saw Kavanaugh and Judge holding parties where they drugged women and lined them up for gang rape, didn’t report it and then got raped.

— Avenatti offers no evidence, but the media doesn’t care one bit as they are now claiming there are five accusers, which is not true.

Hate at 8!!


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