Saving Jeremy Oden by Taxpayer Tom Scovill

Being offended by the ALGOP killing the the Jim Bonner campaign while voting was underway is not a defense of anything Mr. Bonner has said or written.
This would not be a story if incumbent Jeremy Oden was not such a poor candidate. We have a Bonner story only because Oden’s investors, who put half a million dollars into his campaign in May alone, were worried that he might lose the election. Happily for them, Chairman Terry Lathan and the ALGOP bailed them out using politically correct virtue signaling as an excuse.
Right thinking people, at least those few who have heard or read what was said or written by Bonner, can be offended by Bonner and by the ALGOP throwing the election to save a troubled incumbent and a $560,000 extra special investment.
And if if were a Republican leader, I would be worried that Bonner got 217,000 votes after the ALGOP told us not to vote for him.
Please listen to the audio at the link below.
Thomas J. Scovill
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