The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for March 8th, 2018

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  • 9:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
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The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

1. Birmingham school shooting brings out all the irrelevant cliches

— A 17-year-old Huffman High School senior was killed and another injured when gun went off in the school, they are calling it an accident.

— Gov. Kay Ivey declared schools should be gun free and said this “reaffirms that there is no place for students to have firearms or other weapons on campus”, the school had metal detectors.

2. Trump tariffs will affect Alabama businesses in North and South AL differently, would create steel jobs but cost other jobs

— North Alabama’s NuCor Steel thinks it’s steel manufacturing will benefit, while South Alabama’s Hyundai is concerned about the negative impact tariffs will have on consumers.

— A Heritage Foundation study found Trump tariffs will create 33,464 jobs steel jobs but cost 179,334 other jobs.

3. President Trump’s tariffs continue to draw fire from his normal allies, 100+ Congressman sign a letter opposing

— The letter states that “tariffs are taxes that make U.S. businesses less competitive and U.S. consumers poorer”, no one from Alabama signed on.

— Vice President Pence is also delivering messages to the President from members of Congress.

4. Former porn star sues an obviously lying Trump and adds more chaos to the President’s daily life

— The attorney representing the Stormy Daniels  is suing President Donald Trump so she can talk about he alleged affair.

— The White House denies any affair took place as they argued  that “the arbitration was won in the President’s favor,” proving a non-disclosure agreement did exist.

5. Alabama wants to change it’s special election laws, would lead to open seats not Governor appointments

— A State House committee approved a constitutional amendment that would end special elections for legislative vacancies and leave the seats and district with no representation for 13 months.

— The original proposal would have allowed the governor to appoint legislators to vacancies but many legislators feared it would expand the Governor’s powers.

6. Huntsville terrorism suspect pleads guilty to federal charges

— Aziz Sayyed was accused of planning a terrorist attack in Madison County last June, the attack would have targeted law enforcement with and IED.

— He will enter a guilty plea to a charge of attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, his attorney says the deal includes a recommendation to the court for a 15-year prison sentence and lifetime monitoring.

7. California Democrats prepare for fight against Attorney General Sessions  and the DOJ over illegals

— Sessions has decided to file a lawsuit to block three laws passed by California lawmakers in recent months that were meant to obstruct federal officials from enforcing immigration laws.

— Sen. Kamala Harris, a new fan of the 10th Amendment, accused Sessions of trying to “bully” her home state.

Hate at 8!!

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