Disloyal Martha Roby Does Not Deserve a Place on the Republican Ballot by Taxpayer Tom

February 8, 2018

Dear Chairman Lathan (terry@algop.org)

I request the Steering Committee of the Alabama Republican Party deny US Representative Martha Roby (R, AL2) the privilege of access to the Republican ballot for the primary election on June 5, 2018. Representative Roby has asked the Alabama Republican Executive Committee to place her on the primary ballot as a candidate for nomination for her current seat in the US House of Representatives.

I think Representative Roby has disqualified herself from consideration for a Republican nomination by disloyalty to the Party during the 2016 election campaign by publicly announcing on October 8, 2016 that she would not be voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Representative Roby’s denunciation of nominee Trump was a response to the Washington Post story and audio released on October 7, 2016 of a hot mic recording of a lewd conversation between TV personality Billy Bush and Donald Trump on the way to the set of a TV soap opera in 2005.

The Washington Post story was published two days before the October 9 presidential debate. The story was simply an “October surprise,” salacious news released just before an election when there is not enough time to evaluate its truth and significance nor to form and execute reasonable responses to it (such as replacing a candidate determined to be unworthy through due process by the party).

We have recently seen similar political ambushes in Alabama involving US Senate candidate Roy Moore, state superintendent of education candidate Craig Pouncey, and Huntsville superintendent of education candidate Katrise Perera.

Before the nomination, Donald Trump was well known for his occasional lack of decorum. Even so, he was the choice of the people and he won the Republican nomination for president. The Washington Post revelation provided an example of his notoriously crass behavior, but it did not reveal anything about his character that was not already known.

Nominee Trump said almost immediately, “I was wrong, and I apologize.” Senator  Kelly Ayotte (R, NH), a female candidate for reelection, while saying she would vote for nominee Trump, said his comments were “totally inappropriate and offensive.”

In contrast with Senator Ayotte, for the sake of pompously signaling her virtue, Representative Roby almost immediately played into the Washington Post’s “October surprise” revelation of events 11 years earlier by saying, “Donald Trump’s behavior makes him unacceptable as a candidate for president, and I won’t vote for him.”

The members of a political party cooperate to win elections to control government and enact an agenda based on generally agreed to principles. Republican nominees who do not cooperate with other Republican nominees to win elections are working against Republican control of government, working against the Republican agenda, working against Republican principles, and working against the good governance that stems from those principles.

Representative Roby seriously damaged the Republican Party. By denouncing the top of the ticket, she strengthened the Democrat campaign for electing Hillary Clinton to be president, and she strengthened campaigns for Democrats across the country. Her precedent also contributed to the defection of Republican voters and the loss of the race for US Senate in December 2017, a race affected by the Washington Post’s ambush of Roy Moore one month before the special general election in December 2017, an ambush alleging misconduct nearly 40 years earlier.

Ordinarily, we should all want voters to choose the nominees of the Party, but occasionally extraordinary circumstances demand that Party leaders use the authority given them by the people to deny ballot access to a person whose candidacy would be exceptionally harmful to the people and the Party alike. Representative Roby’s disloyalty to the Republican Party is an extraordinary circumstance.

Failure to defend the Party will send a signal that the Party is not worth defending.

The Steering Committee is the main governing body of the Alabama Republican Party. It has the authority to act. For the sake of unifying candidates about the principles of Republicanism, I request you and your colleagues deny Representative Roby a place on the June 2018 Republican Party primary ballot.

Sincerely, Thomas Scovill


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  4. Representative Roby’s tweet:

roby tweet against trump oct 2016





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