The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for December 7th, 2017


  • 7:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
  • 7:20 AM – State Rep. Ed Henry interviews Roy Moore
  • 8:00 AM – Hate at 8!!
  • 9:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
  • 9:30 AM – ex-MSNBC contributor Sam Seder
  • 9:55 AM – WAAY 31’s Meredith Wood

The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

1. New problems at the FBI

— GOP lawmakers allege they have heard new stories of bias at the FBI
— Rep. Ron DeSantis says a retired FBI supervisor was instructed not to call the Benghazi attacks “terrorism”
— The agent claims to have found evidence that an alQueda figure directed the attack and Obama was briefed before they went public

2. Muslim “Days of Rage” begin over a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

— Protests have already broke out in the Gaza Strip over President Donald Trump’s decision
— Middle East leaders have joined in condemnation of the move and said it will cause violence
— Czech Republic has joined the U.S. in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

3. Senator Mitch McConnell says Roy Moore should be ready for a Senate Ethics Committee hearing

— McConnell says there has been no change of heart on his part
— An investigation requires four of six committee members to agree to the investigation, not the whole Senate
— The committee could recommend votes to admonish, censure, or expel Moore

4. Planned Parenthood says Doug Jones’ position on abortion doesn’t matter

— Jones has sought to move away from his earlier “no restrictions” abortion comments
— A poll commissioned by the group says only eight percent of voters consider that to be the top issue, the poll was conducted prior to the allegations of sexual misconduct raised against Roy Moore
— A former Democrat Congressman told me that Jones too the “most extreme position on abortion possible”

5. Roy Moore’s accuser is a Time “Person of the Year”, Gretchen Carlson snubbed

— Alabama’s Leigh Corfman was named as one of many “Silence Breakers” who have brought harassment to the national stage
— Corfman was the earliest, and one of the most serious, accusers of Moore
— Carlson was the first major figure to draw blood by taking down Fox News’ Roger Ailes

6. Democrats grow a spine and demand that Senator Al Franken go after he decides to go

— Senator Franken’s office has said their will be an announcement today about his future, they have denied he has decided to resign
— Many prominent senators have called for Franken to resign, including Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren
— Another accuser has emerged alleging Franken said it was his “right as an entertainer’ to kiss her, he denies.

7. No, Presidnet Trump isn’t going to be impeached anytime soon

— Rep. Al Green of Texas offered articles of impeachment calling Trump a bigot who demeans the presidency
— Democrat leaders wanted no part of the measure and called it a distraction
— The motion to kill the measure was approved 364-58, four Democrats voted present

Hate at 8!!: A jerk attempts to ruin Christmas for a bunch kids visiting Santa

— A Texas pastor went to a mall to tell children Santa is not real
— He said, “We’re going to tell the children here today the truth: that there is no Santa Claus and Christmas is about Jesus Christ”
— Parents told him, “That’s enough”, and a few Dads forced him to leave

Absentee ballots up…

Moore up 7…

Good luck with this silly argument, Planned Parenthood…

Shady pro-Doug Jones PAC “Highway 31” has ad pulled from Google….

Race based campaign by Democrats?

Attorney client privilege?

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