Vote NO on Graham – Cassidy by Taxpayer Tom

I want my US senators to vote NO on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare and insurance bill, the latest GOP effort to keep Obamacare going strong. Among the reasons …

– it does not reduce federal spending,

– it keeps most of the ObamaCare taxes,

– it requires me to trust that the GOP led congress will continue and succeed in its efforts to get the reform we really need, and

– it requires me to trust that the Alabama governor and lawmakers will do better with federal block grants than they have done with reforming Medicaid with regional care organizations while the state continues allow a virtual Blue Cross monopoly.

I recommend you

GOP at all levels are more interested in pleasing the chamber of commerce, the BCA, and other special interests than they are in pleasing me. I am not optimistic that this will soon change.

Anything other than simply repealing Obamacare is a victory for socialism and the Big State. Our congress critters and wannabes are making this more complicated than it needs to be. Let me help them think this through.

Healthcare for people is a lot like maintaining and repairing automobiles.

Just like people, cars require continual maintenance, often break down, are subject to accidents and collisions, and sometimes get picked over for spare parts and eventually wind up in a graveyard.

Yet the auto repair and auto insurance parts of the economy work well without being smothered by overwhelming government regulation.

We can do healthcare in a similar way. Let doctors, hospitals, and other providers do their job of providing health and medical services. Let insurance companies do their job of providing financial services. And let government limit itself to suppressing fraud and quackery in addition to subsidizing those who really need financial help.

David Horowitz presents some good ideas at Conservative Review. Here is a summary:


– End the medical malpractice boondoggle

– Allow hospitals to turn away non-urgent illegal aliens

– Offer a tax deduction for those providing health care to indigents

– Reform FDA approval process … big time

– Make more drugs available over the counter

– Stop boxing out specialty hospitals with burdensome certifications

– Expand who can deliver care so health providers have to compete for the customer

– Promote telemedicine and other modern delivery systems

– Break the AMA monopoly on medicine and prevention of for-profit healthcare

– Repeal the HIPAA regulatory leviathan

– Encourage health care providers to post prices online



– Tear down regulations

– Promote health status insurance to deal with pre-existing conditions

– Stop socially engineering employer-based insurance through the tax code and treat it the same as individual plans

– Allow unlimited Health Savings Account spending

– Let consumers and employers purchase health insurance plans across state lines

– Permit individuals to pool together for group insurance

– Change antitrust laws so Big Pharma’s stranglehold on competition is destroyed

– Make Medicaid work with the market, not destroy it

– Allow affluent seniors to opt out of Medicare


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