ENDORSEMENT: Mo Brooks for Senate

My endorsement for Mo in 2017…

No brainer.

I will repeat my 2010 endorsement because it is all still valid…

25533_382932063278_1855047_nOur nation is at a crossroads and I feel that those in our community who voice their opinions, want to affect change and want a voice in the direction of our community have an obligation to endorse in key races.

This decision was an easy one for me.

When I arrived in Huntsville in June of ’07 I immediately surveyed the political arena and searched for leaders. I found one in Mo Brooks. If I had questions about the politics, history and people of my new home in North Alabama Mo Brooks was a reliable source of information.

When former Congressman Bud Cramer announced, with no notice, that he was not running for Congress in early 2008 I immediately contacted Mo Brooks to find out if he would run for Congress. After some deliberation he decided that 2008 was not the year for him because of the short notice there was not adequate time to prepare his a run for Congress.

I was disappointed.

In 2009 as we watched the results of that 2008 election start to take hold and I was even more disappointed we did not have Mo Brooks in Congress representing us.

So I decided I would try and convince Mo Brooks to run for Congress in 2010. At the Tax Day Tea Party last year I, without telling him, introduced Mo as “our next Congressman from North Alabama.” This year I know we will not be disappointed.

I have watched Mo Brooks fight battles over illegal immigration, taxes and federal intervention into the real estate market. I know he will fight for us in DC.

I have watched Mo Brooks fight the good fights for our beliefs when he has to. He has fought other county commissioners, mayors and school boards. I know he will stand up to other Congressmen when the need arises.

His degree in economics and skills as a legislator, businessman, attorney and county commissioner will serve this district well by sending a man to Washington with the skill-set to hit the ground running and start making the necessary impact on day 1. There will be no on the job training for Mo Brooks. He will take his record of conservative leadership to DC and make our country a better place.

Most importantly to me, Mo Brooks is a man of integrity. He says what he believes and follows through on his promises. When I don’t agree with Mo, and that is rare, he takes the time to listen to my position and then attempts to persuade me to see it his way. He will tell you the truth, not the easy thing, not what you want to hear and not what you are looking for, Mo Brooks will ALWAYS tell you the truth.

There will be no guessing game that will take place after Mo Brooks is elected to Congress. We will get the Mo Brooks we know and the Mo Brooks we know is far and away the best candidate for Congress we could have.

Mo Brooks is not a newcomer to the political arena or a newcomer to the fight for conservative values. If you ask people who represents conservative values in North Alabama and they say anyone other than Mo Brooks, you can be assured they are mistaken.

Mo Brooks is the right man for this job and I am proud to support Mo Brooks for Congress.

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