Sure, this e-mail is racist as long as we redefine the word to mean “really really stupid”…

What are we doing here, State Representative Lynn Greer?

Key line in this story?

The email, a forward, was sent by Rep. Lynn Greer, R-Rogersville. Greer sent the email to a variety of lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, a black Democrat.

Seems like an odd person to include in an e-mail if you are being racist, but that’s just me and common sense.

He has responded…

I am surprised and disappointed by the derogatory email that has been circulated. I have been caring for my ill infant daughter in Huntsville and was unable to join my colleagues today, but all that I can add to what they have said is that the email speaks for itself. This legislative session has been driven by those focused on racially gerrymandered legislative districts, protecting Confederate monuments, and expediting the death penalty appeals process instead of issues that matter to most Alabamians like job creation and the economy. This episode and the hollow apology issued by Rep. Greer makes clear the legislature is in dire need of more decorum and respect; it is my hope that Speaker McCutcheon follows on his commitment to improve decorum among the membership of this body and take resolute steps to address this situation in short order. We cannot have a stronger Alabama if its representatives cannot find a way to disagree with dignity.

The e-mail included this beauty of a story…

monkey email.JPG


This is very dumb.

Greer is dumb for sending the e-mail. This is Alabama America in 2017, your intentions does not matter. He should have assumed this would be read this way and not sent the e-mail.

Black Democrats are dumb for being mad, unless they truly believe Greer is a racist. They should just mock him for being an idiot by putting a bunch of bananas on his desk. But can you blame them? This is a gift, they get to slow things down further on the last few days of the session AND play to their bases of black voters and hyper-sensitive white people.


With Greer’s email, Representative John Rogers (D-Birmingham) said the House Democrats will now ramp up the delay tactics in response to what he calls a “totally racist” email.

“We’re going to slow everything down to a crawl,” Rogers said.

Rogers said the email was like a “pimp slap” to his face.

In a statement by Greer, he said the email was sent to him by a constituent and he just forwarded the email to his colleagues in the Legislature.

He said he did not intend for the email to be racist but rather demonstrate the current mindset of Congress and the Legislature. He said the email applied to all incumbents and not just black law makers.

Greer did apologize for the email but Knight said the filibuster will continue.

Called it.


The Alabama political media is pretty dumb for playing in to this nonsense but they need clicks and attention. Plus, Democrats need this stuff to breathe.

The e-mail clearly is referencing all politicians and calling for them to be replaced, but that doesn’t matter.

So the Greer thinks all politicians should be replaced? Let’s look at his bio….

Lynn Greer is a Republican member of the Alabama House of Representatives, representingDistrict 2. He was first elected to the chamber in 2010.

Greer served on the Alabama Public Service Commission from 1981 to 1990. He served two previous stints in the Alabama House of Representatives from 1974 to 1981 and again from 2002 to 2006.

By the content of his own e-mail, what does that make Greer?

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