Trump Administration: This story is false. Media: They didn’t deny it, also Trump is a 7-year-old…


Another day, another scandal….

Now, did this happen? Possibly. It’s scary that it might have and scarier that it is completely believable.

But H.R. McMasters has denied on the record…

Media is pretending he hasn’t.



Why, oh why, don’t people listen to the media?

I don’t know if the Washington Post story is accurate, but I do think it’s entirely plausible. Put aside whether the story is properly sourced and all that.

When you heard the news, did you think it could be true? If your answer is yes, think about that for a moment.

That right there is a problem.

No, I don’t think for a moment that Trump deliberately divulged to the Russians classified information at an event covered by Russian media (but not American media) the day after he fired the FBI director for not doing more to end the investigation of his campaign’s alleged involvement with the Russians. That’s “resistance” paranoia stuff.


You’d think that people would at least be somewhat chastened by this fact and take a wait and see, or even trust-but-verify, approach. In other words, I get why you don’t trust the Washington Post. I don’t get why you trust the Trump administration.

Russia denies as well…

Which, in the media’s eyes, proves the story is true or something…

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