“The main thing Luther Strange did to fight corruption in Montgomery is go to Washington D.C.” -Rep. Mike Ball

Oh boy, here we go.

Apparently, Luther Strange’s allies are going all in on Mo Brooks and pretending Luther took down all the corruption in Montgomery…

“While Luther Strange was cleaning up the corruption in Montgomery, Mo Brooks was living the life of a Washington insider, opposing Donald Trump and failing to get a single bill signed into law in four terms in the House. If Brooks can’t cut it in the House, how can he be trusted to deliver results in the U.S. Senate? It’s clear Mo Brooks is more interested in advancing his own career than he is with delivering for Alabama.” – Senate Leadership Fund Spokesman Chris Pack

That statement requires some… balls.


For instance: “Strange will investigate Bentley.”

This is particularly galling, considering that Strange never admitted to investigating Bentley for any such headline ever to have been written. In fact, while Strange was soliciting his appointment from the governor, he said it had been unfair for the press to say that any such investigation was taking place.

Unfair, in the sense, that the investigation was totally true and happening at the time Strange was soliciting an appointment from the man he was supposed to be investigating.


This ad seems to suggest that Strange had something to do with the trial and conviction of former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

There’s just one problem with that.

Because Strange had campaign business ties to Hubbard, he had to recuse himself from the case. An acting attorney general oversaw Hubbard’s prosecution and Deputy Attorney General Matt Hart prosecuted the case at trial.

By recusing, Strange was supposed to have nothing to do with it, and if he’s now saying that wasn’t the case, then maybe that’s the sort of issue Hubbard might find useful on appeal.


Bold move, especially when Mo Brooks has 4 press conferences to respond to this garbage today.

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