The Alabama Democrat Party is super-serious about this U.S. Senate race…

Just kidding…

Is it RFK Jr.?

They don’t know.

Alabama Democratic Party chair Nancy Worley says two people, Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Doug Jones, filed qualifying papers for the U.S. Senate special primary election.

Worley says she knows Jones, who is a former U.S. Attorney from Jefferson County, but she is unsure of who Kennedy is. She also doesn’t know if this person has any connection to the famous Kennedy family, which has been a mainstay in Democratic politics for decades.

Worley did confirm the Kennedy who is qualified to run for the party’s nomination lives in Mobile County.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is the son of the former 1968 Democratic Party Presidential candidate, is an environmental activist and vaccine skeptic. It is unknown if the aforementioned Kennedy could qualify to run for U.S. Senate in Alabama or if he has a residence in Mobile County.

The middle initial of the candidate was not disclosed. An online telephone directory shows several people named “Robert Kennedy” living in Mobile.

Well done.

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