Big Luther has a confusing ad out…

Strange Senate ad touts Mike Hubbard prosecution, Robert Bentley resignation?

He recused himself from Hubbard and the Bentley case is his biggest problem facing his campaign.



Central to the campaign was a vow to fight corruption, and once in office Strange reconstituted the state’s special prosecution unit. One of its earliest targets was Mike Hubbard, speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives and mastermind of the Republican takeover. Strange recused himself from the case, citing his use of Hubbard’s printing company during his campaign. But after it ended with 12 felony convictions, Strange announced, “This is a good day for the rule of law in our state.” He added, “This should send a clear message that in Alabama we hold public officials accountable for their actions.”


The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has suspended hearings on impeachment of Gov. Robert Bentley because the attorney general’s office is conducting a related investigation.

Rep. Mike Jones, R-Andalusia, said he is putting a hold on the impeachment proceedings at the request of Attorney General Luther Strange.

“As I said at the first meeting on the Articles of Impeachment, this committee would work cooperatively with other investigating agencies and today’s action testifies to that,” Jones said in a news release.

“We are temporarily suspending activity at the attorney general’s request but we are not abdicating our responsibility. Everything the committee has done remains in effect.”

Strange, in his letter to Jones, dated today, wrote that it would be “prudent and beneficial to delay the work of the House Judiciary Committee.”

“I respectfully request that the Committee cease active interviews and investigation until I am able to report to you that the necessary related work of my office has been completed,” Strange wrote.


Here’s what we now know for a fact: The Alabama Attorney General’s office has been investigating Gov. Robert Bentley. A special grand jury convened in Montgomery has heard testimony from witnesses, including the governor himself, and for at least some of that testimony, Strange was there with his subordinates, in that room.

But when it became clear Jeff Session would soon join the Trump administration, leaving a vacancy in the United States Senate, Strange suddenly got coy, playing games and parsing his words.

At first, Strange said he wouldn’t seek the appointment from Bentley.

Then he interviewed with Bentley for the appointment, which looked a lot like seeking it.

Then he said in public speeches that his office never said there was a Bentley investigation.

Finally, when Bentley gave him the appointment, Strange said that there had been “misconceptions” of a Bentley investigation.

“We have never said — and I want to make this clear– we have never said in our office that we are investigating the governor,” Strange said. “I think it’s unfair to him and unfair to the process that it’s been reported out there.”

I am not sure I would highlight these matters.

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