Dear ALGOP – please do not put Luther Strange on the primary ballot by Taxpayer Tom

May 9, 2017

Chairman Terry Lathan
Alabama Republican Executive Committee
3505 Lorna Road
Birmingham, AL, 35216

Dear Chairman Lathan

This is a petition to deny US Senator Luther Strange the privilege of access to the Republican ballot for the special US Senate primary election on August 15, 2017.

I think Senator Strange has disqualified himself from consideration for nomination by disloyalty to the Republican Party in succumbing to a conflict of interest by seeking an appointment to the US Senate by Governor Bentley while the governor was being investigated by the Office of the Attorney General, and by willful neglect of duty by not investigating credible reports that a subordinate had hurt Republican candidates by impermissibly using his office to affect the outcome of elections in violation of the Code of Alabama (17-17-4).

Our Party should be thoroughly identified by candidates who place moral, legal, and good government considerations above their personal interests. Senator Strange has infamously failed to adhere to this principle and so has damaged the trust of the people in the Party. By egregiously advancing his private interests over greater responsibilities, Senator Strange has shown he is loyal only to himself and that he cannot be considered a loyal Republican.

Ordinarily, we should all want voters to choose the nominees of the Party, but occasionally extraordinary circumstances demand that Party leaders use the authority given them by the people to deny ballot access to a person whose candidacy would be exceptionally harmful to the people and the Party alike.

We have the extraordinary circumstance of Senator Strange, the man appointed by Governor Bentley to succeed US Senator Jeff Sessions, seeing no conflict of interest in seeking and accepting the appointment by the governor he was investigating, while Steve Marshall, the man who was appointed by Governor Bentley to succeed Senator Strange as attorney general, immediately saw a conflict of interest and recused himself from the investigation, an investigation which within two months supported a decision by the governor to plead guilty to crimes and resign from office.

We also have the extraordinary circumstance of Luther Strange, while he was attorney general, not investigating a credible criminal complaint that Matt Hart, one of his key prosecutors, was releasing grand jury information to persons who used it against Republicans in 2014 election campaigns, elections fraught with false flag candidates funded by the Alabama Education Association, an organization to which the Democrat Party is largely subordinate. Absent an investigation we cannot know the extent of the criminal activity and the extent to which Luther Strange may have been involved in it. This willful neglect of duty further demonstrates that Senator Strange’s first loyalty is to himself.

The Steering Committee is the main governing body of the Alabama Republican Party. It has the authority to act. It should consider this petition now because the criminal and legal issues involving Senator Strange cannot be resolved before the May 25 candidate certification deadline or the August 15 primary election. Inaction may irretrievably harm the interests of the people and the Party while approval will, at most, only inconvenience Senator Strange who may run for the same US Senate seat in 2018.

The Committee is not a court of law. It does not have the resources or time for court-worthy cases to be prepared, presented, argued, and pondered by a jury. No punishment can be imposed upon Luther Strange, but it is the right and duty of the Committee to protect the Party’s reputation by denying a disloyal candidate the privilege of ballot access. If Senator Strange is put on the primary ballot, the competition for the Republican nomination will become an auction with Senator Strange having the advantage of ill-gotten incumbency. The Committee should consider this petition and decide it on such basis as it finds appropriate.

Attached are a chronology and summary of relevant facts.

I have tried to do my duty as I understand it and urge you to do the same.


Thomas J. Scovill

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