State Senator Paul Sanford’s gas tax avoidance amendment fails, gas tax vote next week?

This was a good play by Paul Sanford…

A Senate committee voted today to move $63.5 million in road and bridge funds from the General Fund to the Department of Transportation, a move that would cut funding to state agencies.

The effect would be spread across all state agencies that depend on the General Fund, reducing their shares by 3.4 percent for the budget year starts Oct. 1.

The Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee approved the amendment by Sen. Paul Sanford, R-Huntsville, on an 8-6 vote.

The committee then approved the budget, putting it in line for consideration by the full Senate as early as Thursday.

The road and bridge fund is supported by the gasoline tax and related taxes and fees. Amendment 354 of the state Constitution restricts use of the fund to road and bridge construction and maintenance and enforcement of traffic safety laws.

For years, the Legislature has used the fund to help support the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the state court system.

It failed…

Now I recieved this text….


It’s not over.

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