BY HOOK OR BY CROOK: New revenue for Alabama requires the legislature do what they are good at… NOTHING.


When will state agencies be reigned in?

Never, if it means legislators can get money by doing nothing.

This is garbage…

Currently, the state is considering a modest five-cent increase in alcohol revenues, all of which would be earmarked to protect the public.

The state’s elected officials? I better call mine and tell them “I do not support this”.

Oh, it’s not them?

The best and surest way to make that happen is for the ABC Board to support additional funding that goes to our law enforcement community. All of the funds raised will go to DAs and the courts.

A tax increase proposed by un-elected ABC members makes sense? In what world?

Legislators, by their silence, support this measure. if they wanted to stop this, they could. They won’t.

Also, what do Mothers Against Drunk Driving have to do with this?

Answer: Nothing.

They are being used because who would attack MADD? I will.

This is not the job of the ABC board and it sure as hell has nothing to do with making drunk-driving less of an issue.

One legislator has been outspoken against this kind of nonsense and he is 100% right…

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