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“Cord-cutters” are bailing on paying for sports-programming they never watched, sports fans are bailing because of the politics…


As the media tells you ESPN’s problems aren’t political, their ombudsman disagrees….

But these three paaragraphs stand out:

1. Conservatives fear showing their politics…

If you’re a Republican or conservative, you feel the need to talk in whispers,” one conservative ESPN employee said. “There’s even a fear of putting Fox News on a TV [in the office].”

2. ESPN’s terrible “Sportscenter 6” host Jemelle Hill saying .they should be afraid because there is no debate only “right (liberal) and wrong (conservative)”…

But Jemele Hill, co-host of ESPN2’s His & Hers, isn’t buying that. “I would challenge those people who say they feel suppressed,” she said. “Do you fear backlash, or do you fear right and wrong?”

3. An unnamed liberal saying being an outspoken progressive is not risky….

One liberal ESPN contributor sees the issue as one not of inclusion but of exclusion, saying, “I’m concerned about the inclination for condemnation rather than conversation when unpopular ideas are spoken. I’m glad to see athletes acting as activists again. But it should be clear that in almost all cases they’re not taking risky stances… What about athletes and commentators who don’t swim that way, whether the issues are gay rights, transgender rights or opposition to abortion? ESPN has an issue — not a mess, but an issue — with saying it wants to stay apolitical but also actively promoting itself as a progressive platform.

This is a pretty honest take from inside the House of Mouse’s ESPN….

So, read your FB feed and listen to people tell you it is about cord-cutting or listen to those inside the building.

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