HOAX?: When Auburn students aren’t raping each other they are being openly-racist in the world’s most PC environment?

It is highly-unlikely Auburn’s “White Student Union” is not a real thing.

This has “awareness raising hoax” written all over it…

The group once identified as W.A.R. E.A.G.L.E., an acronym which stands for Whites of the Alt-Right Educating Auburn Gentiles for Liberation and Empowerment. AU said in a statement through the Office of Communications and Marketing on Tuesday afternoon it had plans to look into any copyright violations for using the slogan.

The reporting mentions 0 comments from the group, 0 identified members, and all the quotes are from the wokest of woke college kids…

Alinne Pereira, a Latina biological science graduate student, said she had heard about alt-right groups before in other places, but she doesn’t like the presence so close to home. She said a friend received what appeared to be a white supremacist flyer on his mailbox late last year.

“I felt really uncomfortable,” Pereira said. “It’s one thing to hear about it, but when a group forms inside your school with people that you can potentially interact with, things get more real.”

Pereira didn’t want to believe AWSU existed when she learned about the flyers on Facebook. But when she examined the website, she said she was shocked at the language.

“I was surprised to see how they interpret the speech of tolerance and empowering of other heritages as a confrontation to the ‘white race’,” Pereira said.  “It’s almost like they were a species at risk of extinction.”

Afterall, Auburn is super-racist already…

McDaniel said some minority students feel the same way and are afraid racial tensions will get worse as the year goes on. Others are tired of dealing the tension in the first place. She said the university should use the opportunity to facilitate cross-cultural dialogue amongst students and staff to help dispel some of the myths one culture or race may have against another.

“We live in a segregated society. If people don’t interact with people who are different from them to counteract the information they receive (about others), then they will believe these types of messages,” McDaniel said. “At some point, we have to have real discussion about what these messages mean and the impact of those words.”

This is the best part…

The town hall meeting was planned before the flyers were handed out. While AWSU’s presence on campus didn’t dominate the dialogue, McDaniel said it contributed to the topic of the social climate at the predominantly-white university. She said minority students talked about the loneliness they feel when they are the only non-white student in their classes and how students refuse work with them because of their race.

Someone should say something when that happens.


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