Alabama Democrats’ top criminal shames the ALGOP’s, soon-to-be-resigning, law-breaking Governor…

This state…

Alabama Democratic Party Response to Ethics Commission’s Findings on Gov. Bentley

Montgomery, AL – “The Alabama Ethics Commission’s finding “probable cause” that Republican Governor Robert Bentley violated the Ethics Law and Campaign Finance Law fits the pattern of Republican corruption and abuses of power for which Alabama is becoming known. First, the Republican Speaker of the House was convicted in criminal court and removed from office. In addition, the Republican Chief Justice was removed from office a second time after an investigation showed he had ignored the Constitution of the United States, and now the Republican Governor, whose investigation continues beyond the Ethics Commission, faces the possibility of criminal sanction, impeachment, and removal from office. This is clearly not the standard of sound, ethical governance that the people of Alabama deserve.

“The pattern and practice of Republican corruption is spreading like kudzu in our state,” said Nancy Worley, Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party. “Republicans love to campaign on empty promises of family values and integrity, yet the record shows that they have governed with dishonesty, deceit, and corruption. While the Republicans are busy fattening their pockets, playing politics, and carrying on real-life soap operas, the hard-working families across our state who play by the rules still struggle to make ends meet and to give their children the opportunities they deserve. The Republican time in office will be remembered in history as the days which ‘drove old Dixie down’!”

Nancy Worley, Chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, is a retired educator and is the first female chair of the state Democratic Party. Worley is a past two-term President of the Alabama Education Association and a past Secretary of State.

Sure. OK.

Senator Del Marsh says Bentley has to go…

He’s right.

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