SUPER CLEVER: Group plans “town hall” event with Senators as “GUEST OF HONORS” without Senators…


Empty chairs! Get it?


Now, I wish these guys would do some town halls but these groups have made it completely pointless. Why would anyone open themselves up to this mess?

The antagonistic nature of these town halls has some GOP strategists advising lawmakers to steer clear of physical town halls. Last week and over the weekend, angry constituents confronted Republican lawmakers including Reps. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, Diane Black of Tennessee and Gus Bilirakis of Florida.

Mike Shields, former chief of staff at the Republican National Committee, is advising members to hold telephone-town halls rather than physical ones. Giving protestors the opportunity to disrupt a public gathering, Shields said, is not politically “wise.”

“There are some members of Congress who feel pressure to hold a traditional town hall meeting because it has always been done that way,” said Shields, a CNN commentator. “They’re holding on to this antiquated, quaint notion of a Norman Rockwell painting of citizens interacting with elected officials. …. That simply does not fit into the modern context of how politics in a divided country operate and what you wind up instead is doing a huge disservice to those who show up thinking they’d get to ask questions.”

They won’t.

The kindergarten red cards and green cards, the call and response, the heckling and all this crap will not help liberals reach these politicians.

Protesters will get TV time, and that doesn’t help them either.

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