HEADLINE: Charging your phone will kill you. STORY: Dog tags got wrapped around partially plugged in charger prongs.


Not what happened…

The night before Day did what he does every night. He plugged his iPhone in to charge by his bed. He laid the phone in his bed and went to sleep.

Early the next morning, he awoke to the feeling of heat and an electric shock that knocked him out of his bed.

“In a one in a million chance,” Day said the dog-tag necklace he wears everyday got caught in the exposed prongs of the charger head, which was loosely plugged into a cheap extension cord.

“My necklace became a conductor” for electricity, he said.

Day said he could feel pressure around his neck. He said his vision started to fade, but he could hear his heartbeat as if it was beating in his hand.

“I could say it was probably the equivalent of being shot,” he said, of the pain. “It was such a jolt.”

Miraculously, Day was able to rip the necklace from his neck while he was being shocked.  “I shouldn’t have been able to move,” he said.

“If I hadn’t gotten that chain off my neck, it would have killed me,” Day added.

This is like saying, “car explodes as man is driving” only to learn he crashed in to a gas station.

But we will just stick with the scary part….

Day said this freak accident happened for a reason.

“I feel like God has really given me a purpose,” he said. “I feel like he has finally given me a purpose. I have to fulfill it.”

That purpose is to tell his story, Day said, and share the dangers of charging electronic devices in bed.



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