Rep. Nunes must step down from investigation because of his ties to Trump 2016, says Rep. Schiff, a Clinton 2016 surrogate…

I like that the media and Democrats (I repeat myself) is pretending they have some principled opposition to Rep. Devin Nunes leading a Congressional investigation…

Rep. Adam Schiff, however is the paragon of fairness and purity, and all things he says are based on love of country and must be trusted…

He had no ties to Clinton Inc

SCHIFF: But, Chris — Chris, you brought up Secretary Powell this time. So — so —

WALLACE: I brought it up in the fact that — in the fact that he spoke to them and cooperated with the investigation and she did not.

SCHIFF: That — yes, that he (INAUDIBLE). But you didn’t — you didn’t — you did not bring up the fact that when Secretary Powell was asked to provide whatever e-mails he retained or to work with the private provider of those e-mails to provide them, he did not respond and still has not responded to the IG. You did not bring that up. Now —

WALLACE: OK. So, you know what, I’m not going to vote for Colin Powell for president this time.

No, this is campaign butthurt and we all know it.

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