Oh, it’s the Freedom Caucus’ fault? Sure it is.

This is some dumb stuff…

Embarrassing all the way around…

The media too…

This isn’t over, the factions have differences…

What is so complex about this? Some members of the Freedom Caucus wanted the President and Speaker Paul Ryan to follow through on their campaign promises to repeal ObamaCare, that is not what this bill was.

The Freedom Caucus folks stood firm, some of them.

By the way, other folks killed it too.

33 Republicans who would not budge from their decisions to vote “no” on the health care bill were key to causing its collapse. They can be divided into three broad categories:

10 Moderates

Other Republicans

15 Hard-liners

They were united in their resistance to the bill, but actually came from opposite ends of the ideological spectrum.

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