Alabama kid, with a great political future, wins SGA election by promising free soda and less rapes…

Here is a part that is like the real world: “Vote for me and get free stuff!”

In grade school:

No homework, pizza everyday and more recess.

In college:

Running on a platform that included more intercultural events on campus, combatting sexual assault and free soft drink refills at football games


After publication of the column, a campus board found Hunter violated campaign spending rules by paying a $500 bar tab for other students at a campaign kickoff party and subsequently lying about what had happened. The board also ruled he had overspent a $1,000 limit on campaign spending, but Hunter denied wrongdoing and won the election despite the decision.

In the real world:

If you qualify for a subsidy under Obamacare, you’d qualify for an upfront subsidy under the Republican replacement bill, dubbed Trumpcare, being debated in Congress.

And even if you didn’t qualify under Obamacare, you might under the new system. The income limits are more generous in the Obamacare replacement bill unveiled this week in the House of Representatives, although the actual subsidies for some people will shrink.

Healthcare analysts feared the replacement bill would make people pay their full premiums every month and not get their subsidies until after filing tax returns the next year. But the replacement bill keeps the immediacy of Obamacare. That means money would go straight to your health insurer from the federal government every month, just as it does under Obamacare, reducing the amount you’d dole out for premiums.

And under the replacement bill, if you didn’t need that taxpayer money for premiums, you could have it sent straight to your health savings account, or HSA.

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