If 1-in-5 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses, Alabama campuses are under-performing below the national average…

1-in-5 is a lie, we all know it.

One in five in college women will be sexually assaulted.

FACTS: This incendiary figure is everywhere in the media today. Journalists, senators and even President Obama cite it routinely. Can it be true that the American college campus is one of the most dangerous places on earth for women?

The one-in-five figure is based on the Campus Sexual Assault Study, commissioned by the National Institute of Justice and conducted from 2005 to 2007. Two prominent criminologists, Northeastern University’s James Alan Fox and Mount Holyoke College’s Richard Moran, have noted its weaknesses:

“The estimated 19% sexual assault rate among college women is based on a survey at two large four-year universities, which might not accurately reflect our nation’s colleges overall. In addition, the survey had a large non-response rate, with the clear possibility that those who had been victimized were more apt to have completed the questionnaire, resulting in an inflated prevalence figure.”

Fox and Moran also point out that the study used an overly broad definition of sexual assault. Respondents were counted as sexual assault victims if they had been subject to “attempted forced kissing” or engaged in intimate encounters while intoxicated.

Defenders of the one-in-five figure will reply that the finding has been replicated by other studies. But these studies suffer from some or all of the same flaws. Campus sexual assault is a serious problem and will not be solved by statistical hijinks.

This story on pot enforcement highlights how absurd it is…

The stats….

Campus crimes chart.png

Alabama has roughly 35,000 students (let’s pretend they all take 6 years to graduate)

16 forcible sex crimes in 6 years? That not 1-in-5, it’s 1-in 1,458. Odd. Maybe the definition of “sexual assault” is a problem OR all the sexual assaulting must be taking place in Tuscaloosa-proper.




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