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AL.com declares rude town hall attendees were “cordial”, even the liberals in attendance know that is #fakenews…

These town halls are becoming a waste of time.

Indivisible BHM, an offshoot of the main group rendering these events pointless, showed up at 3AM and filled the audience with people demanding Rep. Gary Palmer become a completely different person.

To Palmer’s credit, he is having none of this.

Palmer was elected to a second term with 74 percent of the vote in November against Democrat David Putman, and the district is one of the most conservative in the state.

The congressman said the purpose of the town hall wasn’t to say what the crowd wanted to hear.

“If I start pandering, then I’m a liar, and that’s not gonna help me,” he told the crowd. “When we understand when we disagree, then at least we can have a dialogue.”

The crowd was rude, watch the event for yourself…

Or listen to one of the organizers…

In typical AL.com fashion, they got the story wrong…

Maybe I can forgive AL.com for being inaccurate here, at least the folks in Birmingham didn’t boo the pledge and the opening prayer…

Rubio is right, again…



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