AS PREDICTED: Rep. Mo Brooks’ meeting with Democrat activists is declared “not enough”…

I called this yesterday….

Here we go…

Madison County Democrat Chairman Tom Ryan sent an absurd letter to Brooks’ office and they blew Ryan up….

Thank you for your invitation. Congressman Brooks respectfully declines because your request appears to be, on its face, a partisan effort to use a federal Congressional office to try to make the Democrat Party relevant again in Madison County, the Tennessee Valley, and the State of Alabama.

If, on the other hand, you wish to visit the Congressman’s office to discuss public policy issues, Congressman Brooks will concur with that request, subject only to our ability to reach a mutually agreeable time. Our conference room can comfortably hold six to eight guests, plus Congressional staff.

As an aside, if you are aware of any occasions during the 30+ years that Democrat Congressmen Cramer and Flippo met with a Republican executive committee, please share that with us.

Hurt feelings abound…

When Ryan called Brooks’ office to see when he would hold a town hall, a staffer said the next meeting was months away. Ryan decided to plan one for April 8th, and he sent an email inviting Brooks.

“Then I got a letter back saying we’re not going to do it,” Ryan said.

The email response said a little more than that. One of Brooks’ staffers wrote the congressman would not attend because the request “appears to be on its face, a partisan effort to use a federal congressional office to try to make the Democratic Party relevant again” in the Tennessee Valley.

WAAY 31 asked Brooks if he agrees with that sentiment.

“100 percent,” he replied.

Brooks stood by the staffer, saying Ryan’s request is a partisan ploy.

“If the Democratic Party wants to generate news media for whatever they stand for, fine. But they can’t expect a Republican congressman to help them out,” he said.

Seriously, in what world would a sitting US Congressman go to the opposing parties political event to be questioned.

Democrat activists want a Congressional investigation…


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