Today’s news: Mo Brooks to meet with protesters. Tomorrow’s news: NOT ENOUGH!

Rep. Mo Brooks isn’t about to hand a bunch of malcontents a PR victory they eagerly seek…

He’s not doing it.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks is meeting with leaders of a local protest group in private on Wednesday to hear their concerns. Brooks is meeting with members of Indivisible Group of Decatur.

Eight members of the Indivisible Group have been selected to meet with Brooks. In case you didn’t know, the indivisible group is behind a nationwide effort to resist the agenda of President Trump.

Brooks has been somewhat hostile towards people who protested at other town hall meetings on social media, accusing them of being “Democrat activists and anarchists” who are trying to “coerce and intimidate” Congress.

Wednesday afternoon’s meeting might be an attempt to soften those remarks. According to a member of the group, Brooks has agreed to meet with eight of the members after refusing their request for public town hall meetings.

They’ll meet at a conference room at the Morgan County Courthouse at 3 p.m.

This is step 1, step 2 will be to whine that this meeting “Isn’t enough!”

Trump is right…

Media will ignore that this is planned and coordinated…


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