Huntsville Councilman has interaction with police, NAACP slams down the race card for no reason…

Huntsville City Councilman questioned in burglary…

What happened?

In an interview with on Wednesday night, Keith said he was standing outside his home visiting with neighbors when police approached. Keith said he was told to remove his hands from his pockets and place his hands behind his head and he was patted down to determine if he had any weapons.

Calls for change?

The Mayor’s Office, The Chief of Police and The North Precinct Captain have been timely and understanding in there response, as well as open to solutions that immediately impact changes in community policing.

I believe encounters like these have opened the door for policy reform in Community Policing.

We will announce later this week the date for a town hall meeting to introduce a S.M.A.R.T Policing proposal. Police and Elected officials will be on hand but more importantly we will NEED the community’s support and input!


Was the stop wrong?

Keith said police acted appropriately but said better relationships were needed between officers and the community they patrol to avoid similar instances from occurring.

NAACP is mad for some reason…

Only question that matters: Did Keith meet the description of the suspect beyond “black male”?


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