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Bentley is reportedly interviewing AG replacement candidates? Congrats to future Senator Luther Strange. Now what?

This is going to be a mess…

If this happens, what is the legislature going to do?

They already started and paused Impeachment hearings, at the behest of the guy seeking the appointment to the Senate seat

An apparent front-runner for the Senate appointment is Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, a fellow Republican who asked that impeachment proceedings against Bentley in the state legislature be delayed pending an investigation by his office, though he did not specify that the probe focused on the governor.

If Bentley appoints Strange to replace Sessions, the governor also can pick a new attorney general to replace Strange, potentially affecting that investigation.

“That’s what the governor would call a twofer,” says Selma, Alabama, Police Chief Spencer Collier, a whistleblower who helped make Bentley’s alleged misconduct a national news story last year.

“I think he would have very nefarious reasons to do that,” he says about a potential Strange appointment. “Whether it’s a crime or not, it’s just going to take the breath out of the people of Alabama.”

Collier says he has heard Strange is one of two finalists for the appointment – out of 20 candidates who were interviewed – and he doubts the perception of corruption “would slow the governor down at all.”

“The more he seems to get away with, the more he does,” he says.

Now we have more questionable/illegal(?) Bentley stuff.

Bentley spent over $300,000 of his campaign funds last year defending himself in the impeachment probe and a lawsuit filed by Collier in April that accused the governor, Mason and ALEA Secretary Stan Stabler of wrongful termination and defamation. The legal fees drained his campaign account; starting the year with just under $397,000, Bentley reported just under $26,000 on hand on Dec. 31.

The governor’s campaign finance report, filed Tuesday, showed the payment going to Copeland Franco, a Montgomery-based firm, on Jan. 3 of last year. Bobby Segall, an attorney with the firm, is representing Mason in the Collier lawsuit. A message seeking comment was left with Segall Wednesday. The report also showed Bentley’s campaign paying Mason, who worked as a political adviser, $37,807.06 through April 12.

How do Rebekah Mason’s legal fees apply here?

They probably don’t.

If Strange is the Senate pick and Bentley chooses his own AG, the legislature has to restart Impeachment hearings immediately.

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