Nancy Pelosi lied to a grieving mother about “sanctuary cities” as Birmingham pretended to become one…

I hope Democrats run Pelosi out all over the country, she is a mess.

“It makes us safer.”

A mother with a dead son disagrees, Pelosi lies to her…

If her son’s murder was released, deported and returned to a sanctuary city, he would be safe from deportation in a sanctuary city.

Nancy Pelosi lied to a grieving mother’s face.

Birmingham is lying to it’s citizens as well…


City Council President Johnathan Austin said the resolution was symbolic..

The resolution states, in part, that Birmingham is “Sanctuary City that strives to a community free of hostilities and aggressions and uphold the commitment to be a community free of prejudice, bigotry and hate.”

It’s not official.


Mayor William Bell said today that he won’t allow the Birmingham Police Department to become an “enforcement arm” of U.S. Immigration Services.

“We will not become an enforcement arm of the Immigration Services of this country,” he said, during a Tuesday morning press conference.


Bell said on Tuesday that everyone is welcome in Birmingham, but under Alabama law the city can’t declare itself a “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants.

Under the state’s Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, also known as House Bill 56, cities are prohibited from implementing policies in conflict with federal immigration law and the Beason-Hammon Act.

Violating provisions of the Beason-Hammon Act could bring criminal or civil penalties and subject Birmingham and other cities to the loss of federal and state funding, according to the Birmingham Legal Department.

Bell said he will seek legislation that will have Class 1 cities be excluded from the Act.

During the press conference, Bell cited Section 30 and 34 of the Alabama Constitution that, he said, the city of Birmingham will continue to follow.

The following sections read as follows:

SECTION 30 – Immigration, emigration and exile: That immigration shall be encouraged; emigration shall not be prohibited, and no citizen shall be exiled.

SECTION 34 – Property rights of aliens: Foreigners who are, or may hereafter become, bona fide residents of this state, shall enjoy the same rights in respect to the possession, enjoyment, and inheritance of property, as native born citizens.

Bell said city departments will accept any identification for obtaining business licenses and permits.

Several Birmingham residents spoke out at today’s City Council meeting asking the City Council to declare Birmingham a sanctuary city.

After some debate, the Birmingham City Council approved a resolution supporting undocumented immigrants but not officially declaring the city a sanctuary, which is against Alabama law.

So what will Trump and the Alabama Legislature do?


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