Hey Governor Bentley, It may be time to park Alabama’s state aircraft…

We’ve been through questions on Bentley’s use of Alabama’s aircraft before…

And here…

Now the questions are back

WAFF 48 is searching for answers from Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley over his use of a state airplane for trips around the state and even other areas of the country.

During his visit to Fort Payne on Tuesday, we presented a seven-page report released by Bentley’s team on his and his staff’s usage of state aircraft between July and September. That report is attached below.

According to the report, Bentley and his staff made nearly 40 trips. Most of them involved stops around the state, including the Shoals, Huntsville, and south and central Alabama. He also made trips to Washington, D.C. and Texas.

We specifically asked Bentley about a July 28 trip to Tuscaloosa for a doctor’s appointment and spending taxpayer money to fund the trip.

“I actually had been seeing a physician there dealing with some back problems that I had had. Even though I’m not seeing him now, I saw him at that time simply because he had been my family doctor and had been working on this particular situation,” he said. “I think any time that the governor needs medical care, yes, I think taxpayer dollars are to be used for that.”

Bentley and staff members also flew to Dallas in to attend the University of Alabama vs. USC game. We didn’t get a chance to ask him about that Tuesday because our interview was cut short.

He used a state airplane to fly to the doctor.

To. Fly. To. The. Doctor.

I get using it to go to Dallas, you can argue that is state business BUT you have drivers and a state car stop making really stupid decisions.

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