A real election-related hate crime directed towards a white male with special needs and the media seems uninterested….

We saw all the phony stories the media breathlessly repeated and then ignored once they were debunked….

Now we have a real story…

This has led a grand total of ZERO newscasts.

To summarize:

  • A special needs white male was abducted and assaulted.
  • It was streamed on social media.
  • The attackers say “F*** white people”.
  • The attackers say “F*** Donald Trump”.
  • The media shrugged.

Wonder why?

The alleged attackers were 18, he said, and they appear to have held the victim against his will for hours before letting him go.

I gotta believe if these were three white kids from Alabama abducting a special needs black kid, we might have a different set of news priorities.

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