Republicans are terrified of your unwavering Trump support…

Oh man…

Seriously, they are scared.

Nobody wants to go first,” said Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), who received nasty phone calls, letters and tweets after he penned an August op-ed in The New York Times, calling on Trump to release his tax returns. “People are naturally reticent to be the first out of the block for fear of Sean Hannity, for fear of Breitbart, for fear of local folks.”

An editor at Breitbart, formerly run by senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon, said that fear is well-founded.

“If any politician in either party veers from what the voters clearly voted for in a landslide election … we stand at the ready to call them out on it and hold them accountable,” the person said.

First, it wasn’t a landslide.

Second, Trump is not a god, he is not infallible.

This is cowardice.

Republican Hill staffers have wrestled in recent months with how to respond to inquiries from Breitbart or other pro-Trump bloggers. Engage them or ignore them? One GOP aide told POLITICO members are “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Another said it’s having a “chilling effect” on GOP lawmakers.

Respond, be honest and push back when you must.

Flores admitted that Trump’s new brand of populist conservatism wouldn’t always mesh with the priorities of Capitol Hill Republicans. But he went on to suggest it wouldn’t be a big problem, emphasizing that Republicans had plenty to collaborate on, such as tax reform, repealing Obamacare and passing a border security plan.

“Let’s work on the things we know where we’re together,” Flores said, “and then we’ll figure out the rest in the next six months.”

Breitbart is not going to give you a fair shake, it’s a pro-Trump opinion outlet.

Breitbart picked up the remarks several days later. Its post linked Flores to Ryan and argued that the Texan’s comments hinted at a GOP leadership ploy to quietly stifle Trump’s campaign promises.

Then there is Hannity…

Hannity highlighted the Breitbart story on his talk show the next day. The Fox News host told his radio listeners that talk of pursuing areas of agreement was Beltway-speak for telling Trump to “go to hell.”

“All they want to do, even the Republicans, is do the things that they want, not the things that Trump ran on,” Hannity said. “If I’m Trump, I’d read this very closely.”

These people are flat-out delusional at times.

Comply or perish.

Serious question: How is this different then how the mainstream media treated Obama?

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