Hey Huntsville City Schools, Fix your discipline problems but not really… (Also: It’s Trump’s fault)

This is an insane problem…

Is there a discipline problem? Sure.

Do those problems breakdown by race in direct correlation to our nation and the schools demographics? No.

So pretending the outcomes are or ever will be is idiotic.

Show me the crime breakdown in Huntsville, is it disproportionately black? I’d bet my house it was.

The Huntsville City Schools are full of crap….

In a separate report, Huntsville City Schools called these numbers unusually high, blaming a late roll out of the new Behavior Learning Guidelines which caused teacher confusion, issues from new blended student populations and even the 2016 Presidential Election causing more drama.

It’s Trump’s fault.

Solution? I have it, and this is the only one.

Determine what the school demographics are and make the discipline stats look like those numbers.

15% black kids? No more than 15% of punishments can be for African Americans.

Anytime the discipline numbers are off the demographic numbers they will have to find white kids to punish. That’s the only answer.

If this is how the we get out from under the Desegregation Order, good luck.

QUESTION: What does the Trump DOJ/DOE do about this stuff?

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