Anniston Star “journalist” identifies “fake news” as a problem, proceeds to mislead his readers about Syrian refugees…

The media needs to stop pretending they don’t understand why no one trusts them. They also need to stop harping on this notion of “fake news” when they can’t/refuse to be honest about what is happening.

The Anniston Star’s Tim Lockett scolds readers on “fake news”..

The crux here is 10,000 refugees didn’t come to New Orleans. 6 did.

But his own reporting makes 2 things clear…

1. No one claimed 10,000 refugees were headed to New Orleans.

“They’re heeeere! First load of 10,000 Syrian refugees has arrived in New Orleans, being resettled in 180 unsuspecting US communities,” reads a Nov. 13 headline on the website Powdered Wig Society, a right-wing blog.

This mentions 180 different communities, not 1.

Here is how Lockette framed it….

Six Syrian refugees arrived in La. in November 2015. Fake news said there were 10,000.

That is a lie. That is fake news.

2. 12,000+ refugees have been settled this year

Since that genocide determination, the Obama administration has resettled a total of 12,743 Syrian refugees in the U.S.,

So, who is pushing “fake news”, Tim?

Will you correct your story?

He wrote it and walked away, he won’t respond..

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