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Choose your own election adventure!

It was Putin…



It was an inside job

A WikiLeaks figure is claiming that he received leaked Clinton campaign emails from a “disgusted” Democratic whistleblower, while the White House continued to blame Russian hackers Wednesday for meddling in the presidential election and asserted that Donald Trump was “obviously aware” of Moscow’s efforts on his behalf.

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, said in the report by the Daily Mail that he flew to Washington for a clandestine handoff with one of the email sources in September.

He said he received a package in a wooded area near American University.
“Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,” Mr. Murray told the British newspaper. “The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.”

Alabama school systems can hire drug dealers and dog-fighters?

Is this real?

Can Alabama save money?

Obviously fake “hate crime” is fake…

A reporter from Politico tweets out that she thinks Ivanka Trump is having sex with her Dad…


Either Trump is fucking his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?

— Julia Ioffe (@juliaioffe) December 14, 2016

Believe it or not, people praised her and she doubled-down.

Was fired and blamed censorship…

No she is sorry.


She will now go work at The Atlantic.

I DO NOT understand this…

The world cares about Aleppo now.

What are they going to do about it? Care.


Jill Stein hired her friend…

Alabamians are racist knuckle-draggers, just ask our media…

That thought struck me the other day as I read through the comments on a Facebook post, in which a couple of “friends” were going on and on about the attributes of president-elect Donald Trump. Among the attributes was, of course, Trump’s toughness.

He’s going to put China in its place. He’s going to tell those radical Muslims to pound sand. He’ll turn the Middle East into a parking lot if they keep it up.

You could almost hear the “Freebird” guitar solo playing in the background and see the American flag waving in the too-hot-for-you breeze.

And there’s the problem: we in Alabama – in a number of conservative strongholds across America – have somehow started confusing bravado with actual strength.

That’s how we ended up electing a schoolyard bully as our president.

And make no mistake, Trump is the classic American bully – a man who uses petty insults and false bravado to mask his incompetence and shortcomings. A man so thin-skinned that he sits up late at night tweeting insults at a sketch comedy show.

Because insults and mindless threats are easy.

It’s hard to detail during debates how you plan to defeat ISIS or fix the economy. It’s much easier to refer to a fellow candidate as “Little Marco” or “Lyin’ Ted” or “Crooked Hillary.”

However, the most startling thing about all of this is that a large segment of the population lapped up that childish, immature behavior, considering it a good thing that a candidate wasn’t conforming, wasn’t too politically correct. Somehow, Trump’s willingness to voice the never-ending stream of insults, wild promises and insanely unconstitutional ideas made him seem tough.

He’s going to be tough on crime (which is a code word for “the blacks”). No more Black Lives Matter marches under Trump’s watch. He’s going to shut that down, get tough on … um, crime. He’s going to make it so it’s OK for all of us to use the N-word again.  

         And Mexicans, well, adios. We’re gonna build that wall and then Trump – ‘cause he don’t take no crap – is gonna make Mexico pay for it! Wooooo!

Why did the Montgomery Advertiser fire him?

Obvious ruling is obvious…


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