“Russia hacked the election!” Why? Well…

This is absurd no one knows what happened and why. If they do know, they aren’t being clear.

CIA says to help Trump…

FBI says, “not so fast”…

That’s not very clear.

When someone says “The Russians hacked the election”, what does that mean?

Did they release embarrassing DNC and Clinton campaign e-mails? Someone did. Probably Russians.

Did they hack into state election information services and change results? Does not appear so.

Maybe a Department of Homeland Security employee did…

Did they change people’s votes or deny them the right to cast them? No.

So what exactly are we talking about?

The Russians wanted a specific result? Probably.

Didn’t the Hillary’s campaign and Hillary’s MSM Super PAC make this a core argument in October and November? They did.

So the American people heard this argument and STILL voted for Trump.

So…. they don’t know. Period.

So, the argument is really this: The Russians wanted a specific result and put out information to swing voters to that result?


Were the e-mails fake? No.

What exactly is the argument here?

We need an investigation?

The murky nature of the assessments is maddening many lawmakers who are demanding answers about the Kremlin’s role in the presidential race. The FBI, under Director James Comey, is already under fire for dropping a bombshell letter days before the election on the discovery of new emails potentially related to the Clinton private server investigation. The emails proved irrelevant to the case. On Saturday, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called on Comey to resign, saying the FBI director deliberately kept quiet evidence about Russia’s motives before the election.

With so much of the evidence about Russia’s alleged role in the election shrouded in secrecy because of strict classification rules, Democrats and Republicans in Washington who have access to the underlying intelligence say they have struggled to make their respective cases, leaving an already deeply divided public convinced that both sides are shading their conclusions to help the candidate they backed on Election Day.

The clamor from Democrats and some Republicans for a more fulsome accounting prompted the White House on Friday to announce that President Barack Obama had ordered a full review of Russian cyber actions during the 2016 campaign. The president wants the report to be completed before he leaves office next month. Officials said Obama intends to declassify as much of the report as possible. Lawmakers, in turn, want the review to be accompanied by a joint congressional investigation.

“Only in this way can the American people know the extent of Russian interference and we can attempt to inoculate ourselves against continued meddling in our elections,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (California), the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence panel, who has been briefed but did not comment on the information he has learned.

Do it.

BY THE WAY: This won’t help…

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