Dungeons and Dragon’s master, Hillary voter & masturbation enthusiast, Coleman Bonner, mocks Gatlinburg’s loss…

What a terrible freaking guy….


This guy saw a community was being destroyed and people were dying and thought to complain about the cities “consumerism”

As our society dictates in this situation, this idiot must destroy him and the company he works for…


“I will not be doing business with you people again.”

Yes, I demand the highest integrity and compassion from the guy changing my oil!

Why did anyone contact his bosses?

Express Oil Change said after “fully and thoroughly” investigating the situation, Coleman is no longer employed with the Birmingham-based company.

They investigated?

Couldn’t he just be mocked and ridiculed? Did he have to be fired too?

They Internet has also been posting his wedding registry.


Do I feel bad for him, a little.

On the other hand, screw this guy… He brought all of this on himself.

Also: Will Hillary Clinton disavow!?

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