Is Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle angling for a Senate appointment, running for Governor, both or neither?

Jefferson County’s David Carrington says he is in for Governor in 2018, making him the first legit player to announce his intentions

Jefferson County Commissioner David Carrington is running for governor.

Oh, that’s not how he put it. Carrington sent out a press release last week to say he’s “seriously considering” running for governor in 2018.

Which means he’s running for governor. So with almost half a term to go, he’s ahead of that herd rumbling toward Goat Hill glory.’s John Archibald asks who is next?

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. Folks are pushing his name in North Alabama, but it’s hard for mayors to leap to the governor’s mansion. Odds: Better because of the Battle name. He’s the cousin of Alabama Athletics Director Bill Battle

Battle is the only person I have seen respond directly and he has a pretty good argument that he isn’t afraid to make it. He also didn’t seem to take too kindly to the “Battle name” stuff…

I asked Battle directly, let’s see if he has anything to add…


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