I have solved the College Football Playoff problem…

Alabama is in, playoffs are still messed up.

You have almost a month to mentally prepare for Alabama’s playoff semifinal game at the Peach Bowl.

The New Year’s Eve meeting with Washington will be one few could have predicted in August. It’s a series that started in the 1926 Rose Bowl that was last played in the 1986 Sun Bowl. So, there’s nothing in terms of recent history to gauge this one.

They share one common opponent this fall. Alabama smacked USC 54-6 in the opener before the Trojans regrouped, changed quarterbacks and upset the Huskies 26-13 on Nov. 12.

Penn State wins their division and is still out?

Here is the real answer: 16 teams (10 Conference champs and 6 other teams)

Alabama, Washington, Penn State, Clemson, Western Michigan, Oklahoma, Temple, Western Kentucky, San Diego State, Arkansas State(?)

Plus 6 more teams: Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Florida State, USC, Oklahoma State

Re-seed them and enjoy Alabama pounding Arkansas State, tell me that is worse that Iowa vs. Florida in the Outback Bowl.

Let the big dogs pound the scrubs in the opening round and let’s get a bunch of good match-up and football in the other rounds.

You would watch.

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