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Dishonest attacks on Jeff Sessions continue as Alabama’s media tries, sadly, to take down the next AG…

This people will never stop.

Super-Mega-Ultra-bigot Jeff Sessions’ bigotry is ignored by the Alabama media UNTIL someone sends them a press release…

The media is coming for Sessions…

Media misinterprets Jeff Sessions comments, then fuels calls for his removal from the Judiciary Committee…


A couple of big problems here…

The hook of this story is Shelby is a Republican, not a rascally Democrat pouncing like Ted Kennedy did. (Paragraph 1)

A campaign advertisement in 1986 suggested that then-U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions called the Ku Klux Klan a bunch of “good ole boys.”

But the advertisement didn’t come from the predictable cast of 1980s Democrats such as Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy who, at the time, objected to Sessions’ nomination to the federal bench.

Instead, it was pushed out by then-U.S. Rep. Richard Shelby, who would go on to become Sessions’ longtime colleague and friend in the Senate.

It’s not true, Shelby was a Democrat. (Paragraph 9)

The linkage of Sessions to the Klan by Shelby occurred days before the Nov. 3, 1986, election. Shelby, then a Democrat, won his first Senate term that year by defeating Republican Sen. Jeremiah Denton by a razor-thin margin of 50.3 percent to 49.7 percent.

The accusations that have been recanted? (see paragraph 14)

Thirty years later, Shelby said: “Jeff Sessions’ record of standing up for all Americans and his high moral character indisputably prove that the 30-year-old claims of the past are nothing more than baseless political accusations.”

This story is so dishonest, Shelby recants in paragraph 14 and the lying author mentions his political party in paragraph 9, instead of paragraph one.

Why? To create the illusion that Shelby was a Republican ally in 1986.

It’s a lie.

AL.com’s John Sharp is a liar.


We reached out, but like most cowards, John Sharp wrote his story and walked away.

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