Super-Mega-Ultra-bigot Jeff Sessions’ bigotry is ignored by the Alabama media UNTIL someone sends them a press release…

Our media is filled with lazy garbage. I am speaking of the people AND the content.

Look at this crap…

Sessions said the federal special education law was too lenient and allowed “special treatment for certain children,” which was resulting in the acceleration of “the decline in civility and discipline in classrooms all over America.”

Sessions, citing complaints from education officials, urged lawmakers in 2000 to change the law “to say that a child is not allowed to commit crimes, to disrupt classroom, to curse teachers, principals and students, and abuse them and do so with impunity.”

Talk to teachers, is he wrong?


Doesn’t matter.

Disability advocates interpret Sessions’ remarks as a desire to re-segregate children with disabilities into separate classrooms, a throwback to a time before disabled students were educated in a regular classroom alongside non-disabled peers.

Yes. He hates disabled people.

Wow. Those comments must have been yesterday?


Those remarks were made on the Senate floor while Congress was considering reauthorizing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 16 years ago.

Also, love the languiage… “Disability advocates interpret”?

is that like when Donald Trump says “people say”?

Not really, this is worse: An interest group send a press release and a reporter re-wrote their message, creating a news story. This is borderline plagiarism.

Can Trish Crain/ explain why she never wrote about these terrible comments before?

Can any Alabama journalist explain why an unrepentant bigot has not been hammered everyday for 16 years?


They are frauds.

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