North Carolina may be an “open carry” state, that doesn’t make Keith Lamont Scott any more right or any less dead…

One of the dumber narratives coming out of the embarrassing lies from North Carolina is that he did nothing wrong when he brandished a gun, and refused to put it down when police demanded he do so, is that because North Carolina is an open carry state Hill did nothing wrong.

While Scott, a convicted felon, was not legally allowed to own a gun, officers did not know that at the time, and North Carolina is an open-carry state

This is idiotic and it was said on CNN directly following the press conference yesterday too.

Open carry laws allow you to carry a weapon in plain sight without a permit, they say nothing about holding that gun in your hand AND they sure as hell do not allow you to carry it in your hand when you are dealing with police.

I would argue that putting a handgun in your handgun with a round in the chamber and the hammer locked back is a capital offense, Scott would probably agree.

We can whine and argue about this all you want, Scott is dead. Keeping this profound ignorance going will lead to more dead black men and more dead cops.


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