Nancy Pelosi has united Republicans and Democrats! Republicans wanted another year in leadership for Pelosi, Democrats obliged…

This banner was unveiled yesterday at RNC HQ in DC (photo credit: Congressman Mo Brooks):

Democrats decided to give the RNC what it wanted.

Here is why Republicans should be thrilled:

“What’s wrong with your current leadership?” NPR’s Steve Inskeep asked Ryan in a recent interview. “Well, they keep losing,” Ryan replied.

Or, at least, House Democrats keep underperforming expectations. In three out of the past four elections, House Democrats have failed to pick up as many seats as political analysts predicted they would. (This November, they picked up six seats in a cycle where Pelosi had predicted they’d get at least 20.)

Since President Obama’s election, Democrats have lost more than 60 House seats. They’ve been in the minority since 2010 — and all but four of the last 22 years — with no end in sight.

As Ryan told MSNBC earlier this month: “We have the smallest minority since 1929 in our caucus. If you take state, federal officials, we have the smallest numbers since Reconstruction. If that’s not a call for doing something differently, I don’t know what is.”

Pretty much anyway you calculate it, House Democrats are not winning. Here’s Rep. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona declaring that reelecting Pelosi is akin to doubling down on a “failed strategy.”

Yes, please. Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison are working hard to remain/become the faces of the Democrat Party and it will make the media, liberals and Republicans equally thrilled.

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