As predicted, Trump denounces irrelevant random dumbass racists and the media declares it “not enough”…

Denounce the alt-right, Mr. President-elect!


Donald Trump flatly disavowed the white supremacist wing of the ‘alt-right’ movement on Tuesday, telling a room full of New York Times journalists and executives that ‘I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn.’

The president-elect defended his chief strategist and senior adviser at the same time, saying Steve Bannon has been unfairly portrayed as a vehicle for white supremacists to influence the incoming administration.

‘I’ve known Steve Bannon a long time. If I thought he was a racist, or “alt-right” or any of the things, the terms we could use, I wouldn’t even think about hiring him,’ he said.

That’s not enough!

Donald Trump’s still not really denouncing racism by the alt-right, despite what he told The New York Times

Too long!

How big of a farce is this alt-right stuff..

Who is really boosting these racists’ profiles?

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