Alabama legislators can get football tickets? Oh my, stop the presses!

This is such a dumb, predictable and repeated story…

I would call Kyle Whitmire a plagiarist, but that’s been done too… (sue me)

His argument is terrible.

Each year, our lawmakers, judges, executive officers and their staffs can buy some of the most sought-after tickets in college sports — for face value, even when you, the constituents of those public officials, must buy into expensive, exclusive booster clubs and wait years for a similar opportunity.

The claim that these tickets make the legislators beholden to the university is terrible too.

And, hopefully, an eager ear the next time we need a favor. That, my friend, is worth more than gold.

Yeah, because Auburn and Alabama don’t already have the ears of the legislators?

And there is this….

This is a ridiculous and tired story that we trot out every football season.

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